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Refill Wands 3-Pack - Set of 2 Sample

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You don't want to know what was in my shower drain

7/20/2020 by Catherine

ugh, after using the Drain Weasel once, I was hooked. I love how simple it is to use and how great the outcome.
you'll be surprised what is lurking in your drains.

buy with confidence


Great Product that Works Well

3/6/2020 by Tom

I bought these because I can never find the refills! I have bought these at a hardware store and always had to repurchase the handle. All I needed was a new wand. These work great!!


Really works!!!

8/4/2019 by Barbara

Drain weasel is easy to use and really cleans the hair in drains. Slow drains in bathroom drain freely after using this.


Unclog Drain

6/30/2019 by Gail

Grwat way to clear drain. Used it in the bathroom and works great.


Clears Drains

2/6/2019 by Gail

Clears clogs and drains.



1/19/2019 by Pat

I am never disappointed with what I get from you


Great product

12/23/2018 by Stephen K

Great for removing hair from my drains and very easy to use


Works great!

9/30/2018 by Barbara

This is the best thing since sliced bread. Really gets down in the drain to remove hair and gunk. Thank you!


Just buy these, you will need them too!

7/28/2018 by Janie

Unless you want to try to clean off disgusting yuk from the wand, which I DO NOT recommend you will need these!



7/25/2018 by Hilary

I love the fact they can get in the smallest of drains. They go deep down to get the most stubborn hair out. It is the only thing that works for us. I will be a life long buyer!

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The Drain Weasel Story

Escort that hair right outta your drain.

Clear The Hair

This drain cleaner clears muck out for you—without getting your hands wet or using harsh chemicals.

Drain Weasel makes it easy to routinely keep pipes clean and clear, preventing bigger clogs from stopping things up. The long, thin design can help out pretty much any drain, regardless of size or shape.

Steve Turner and his dad Scott created Drain Weasel to combat clogs without having to take the drain apart—or get your hands dirty.

Crank the handle to circulate the wand, as its flexible body contours along curves. The tip snags debris with tiny hooks and loops, holding onto them while you reel
it out. The best part is that the tip is disposable, so you can pop it off into the trash. Replace it with a fresh one for next time.

With routine cleaning every few weeks, you can help keep your drains clear. And your hands clean.
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