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Hydrating Pillowcase Case of 6

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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amazing! really!

10/14/2014 by [email protected]

I was rather skeptical about getting this pillow but read the reviews and thought 'why not?' Well, I'm VERY glad i got it as it's crazy amazing! My face (and hair) look so well rested and fantastic every morning... and no weird sleepy creases! Really- it's not a gimmick at all... it really works. My skin is so nice and plump (in a good way) and my hair equally hydrated (and i have crap hair)... i contribute it all to this pillowcase... thank you for creating it! I want to pillowcase my entire bed!


THE MOST COMFORTABLE pillow case I've ever had.

10/12/2014 by Kandace

I honest;y dont know if the pillow case is helping my skin because I do a lot for my skin - but it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE pillow case I've ever had. I LOVE it!


love it

9/15/2014 by Mary

love the cool feel it has as I sleep since I get hot every night in my sleep.


Great product

9/14/2014 by Linda

Lovely fabric - feels like a dream!


Very cool - literally!

9/8/2014 by Sue

I love this pillowcase! It has eliminated my night sweats and allowed me to enjoy many good nights of sleep.


Good Product

9/6/2014 by Jonnye

I gave this as a gift to someone who has been using a silk pillowcase for several years now but according to her, she will no longer go for the silk. She loves this new pillowcase. She likes the tactile sense of it and even after only a month of use, does think her face is less dry feeling. So, at this point, I do think it is a winner.


Smooth and soft

8/22/2014 by Dee

I love this pillow case so much I took my pillow on a recent road trip! I have seen no sleep marks since using it for the last month.



8/22/2014 by Marjean

This pillow cover feels so good, I'm really pleased.


Hydrating Pillowcase

7/2/2014 by Kathleen

Love this wonderful pillowcase. It stays cool all evening and is incredibly soft. I'm ordering several more


Softer skin in the morning

5/26/2014 by Kristin

I really love this pillowcase. I had noticed that as I've been getting older my skin is so dry in the mornings...especially my cheeks because I seem to sleep on my side a lot. With this pillowcase, I wake up and my skin is soft in the morning and I can tell that all of my moisturizer hasn't rubbed off.

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The DreamSkin Story

DreamSkin - Beauty Pillowcase

Pillow Talk

Could the fabric you snooze on be depriving you of your beauty sleep? Susan Leslie, the creator of the DreamSkin pillowcase, was shocked to learn that standard pillowcases made of cotton, silk, and satin actually draw moisture out of your face and neck. Skin cells rejuvenate eight times faster at night than during the day, and preventing moisture loss is critical for skin rejuvenation.

Using her background in product development, Susan teamed up with Dr. Peter Pugliese, an award-winning physician and scientist internationally recognized for his expertise in skin physiology, to come up with a

The DreamSkin Pillowcase is Made in the USA of a patented blend of cotton, nylon, and lycra using a proprietary weave pattern to help your skin maintain crucial moisture while you sleep. The fabric is called JuveTex and with 22,000 filaments per square inch, it has a soft, luxurious feel. It doesn’t contain any dyes or fragrances and is even machine washable. Add it to your normal skincare routine and say good night to sleep lines.
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