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Dream Skin

5/16/2014 by Bonnie

I have only been using the pillowcase for a few weeks, so I cant attest to the reduction in lines, etc. However I love the feel of the fabric, keeps me cool (I live in AZ), do feel less dry in AM & there are no wrinkles in fabric in the AM. So far I like the product very much.



5/13/2014 by Linda

Soft, dreamy, washes beautifully, feels great on my tender skin. Four out of five stars because it needs to come in more colors than just white, as it looks like a pillow liner insert. COLORS please!



2/13/2019 by Sally

Nice and soft, but I don't really notice much difference.


Feels good.

7/25/2018 by Leanne

Pleased with its smoothness and I think it helps keep moisture in my skin.



8/26/2015 by Dianne

Too small


Need King size

4/25/2015 by Kathleen

It sounds wonderful, and I want one, BUT I need king size. King size beds are the most popular size in the U.S. Please make these in King size.



2/24/2015 by cherie

the pillow case could be a little bit bigger as it doesn't fit the pillow I normally use so I had to use a different pillow, the material is very soft and feels good, have not slept on it for to long so I don't know if it is helping or not make my skin feel better, so far I like it, maybe have it in a different color other then white


it's OK

11/25/2014 by Joanna

Not sure this is doing anything like moisturizing my face, but it is nice and soft and cool when I place my face on it.



11/3/2014 by Desi

Pillow case is soft, but I haven't noticed any difference in skin or coolness.



8/18/2014 by Evie

Haven't used it enough to see a difference

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The DreamSkin Story

DreamSkin - Beauty Pillowcase

Pillow Talk

Could the fabric you snooze on be depriving you of your beauty sleep? Susan Leslie, the creator of the DreamSkin pillowcase, was shocked to learn that standard pillowcases made of cotton, silk, and satin actually draw moisture out of your face and neck. Skin cells rejuvenate eight times faster at night than during the day, and preventing moisture loss is critical for skin rejuvenation.

Using her background in product development, Susan teamed up with Dr. Peter Pugliese, an award-winning physician and scientist internationally recognized for his expertise in skin physiology, to come up with a

The DreamSkin Pillowcase is Made in the USA of a patented blend of cotton, nylon, and lycra using a proprietary weave pattern to help your skin maintain crucial moisture while you sleep. The fabric is called JuveTex and with 22,000 filaments per square inch, it has a soft, luxurious feel. It doesn’t contain any dyes or fragrances and is even machine washable. Add it to your normal skincare routine and say good night to sleep lines.
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