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Drink in the Box

Reusable Drink Box - 12 oz Case of 24

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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12/10/2015 by Kathy

Kids love them and they don't leak.



10/20/2015 by tequilasheila

Purchased for my grandchildren. Mommy says they love them!



9/30/2015 by Steven

I really like this product.

The only improvement would be to use a material that would enable the drink to stay cold longer.

Steven A


So far so good

4/30/2015 by Bob

We've only had these for a few weeks. 8oz is a lot of juice, but 6-year-old grandson does like the box. We haven't sent it to school yet, however and we also have not run it through the dishwasher. I may have to revise this review at a later date when we see how this Chinese-made product is going to stand up.


Love these!

4/29/2015 by Susan

The kids love the colors and the way the shape fits in their hands. They say the juice boxes make them look like big kids (they are 3) I like them because they are spill proof and so eco-friendly. My only complaint, and not really a complaint is having to disassemble the top to make sure there are no remnants of juice hiding. They reassemble very quickly. I first purchased 2 to try them, and returned to buy 5 more and a repair kit, just incase.


Much bigger than you would think but a really cool product!

3/4/2015 by JD

It holds quite a bit of juice and so far has worked really well. You just have to be careful with filling it up so that it doesn't spill over when sealing. My kiddo is in the "throw everything stage" and it has held up to a few fast ball throws. I'll probably get another one or two as he gets bigger.


Great product!

2/26/2015 by Danielle

I love this juice box! Very handy to have!


Reusable Drink Box

1/27/2015 by Danielle

I love it! Worth every penny :)


Super useful

1/14/2015 by Mary Ann

We love them! We have 2 for each member of the family (and the color tells us who it belongs to)
When I mix our health smoothies for the day, I fill each persons portion in their box & stow it in the frige. That way everyone could see which box was theirs & whether or not they had their "recommended" dose.
I did discover that when I mixed a powder with liquid in the box, closed it and shook it vigorously, it mixed super good. But when I went to clean the box after it was emptied, there was residual powder under the seal. At first I was not able to clean it out. Finally I found out that by carefully working around the seal (so I wouldn't compromise it) I could completely clean that area.
Give the boxes 5 stars & we use them daily!


Like them!

1/5/2015 by terrie

Wow! Gave these to grandson for Christmas and he had no problem using them. I like that the bottom straw can be removed for cleaning. Appear to be very durable. My only concern is that he might pull the top portion off and spill it. Hasn't happened yet though.

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The Drink in the Box Story

Drink in the Box - Reusable Drink Boxes

Cold Drinks

Children can't seem to get enough of juice boxes. And while parents appreciate the compact convenience, the individually-sized drinks are often pricey per serving, high in sugar, low on real fruit, and the tetra packaging is not biodegradable. In fact, more than four billion of these little cartons fill landfills every year. Drink in the Box is a healthy alternative that is eco-friendly and enables you to control what your kids are drinking (more water, less corn syrup).

Designed by Toronto-based Marc Heinke, the patented Drink in the Boxes are made with highly durable Tritan, a food safe,
BPA- and phalate-free material that’s dishwasher safe and doesn't cloud after washing. It looks just like a prepackaged juice box and fits more easliy into lunch bags than a water bottle. Leakproof, with an easy open/close design, Drink in the Box won’t explode or squirt everywhere, minimizing spillage.

Mix drinks yourself, reduce waste, and use over and over again. That's thinking outside of the box.
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