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Drink in the Box

Reusable Drink Box - 12 oz Case of 24

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Absolutely Awesome!

7/26/2014 by Lori

I absolutely love these juice boxes for my grand kids. Fabulous! Plan to order more!!!


Absolutely Love These!

7/26/2014 by Lori

These are the cutest, most functional juice boxes I have ever seen. Bought two for my grandkids. Like them so much that I might buy more for myself.


a hit

7/16/2014 by rebecca

My daughter loves this! We have only used it a few times but it seems sturdy and resists some chewing on the straw.


Works great!

7/15/2014 by Chris

Our 17 month old loves to drink out of a straw but makes a mess with a regular juice box. This straw is attached and doesn't leak so it's been perfect for him.



7/14/2014 by Dee

My grandson love's these.would definitely purchase. Can dilute juices so that they don't get too much sugar. Great buy and dishwasher safe.


Love them!

7/14/2014 by Tia

I love that I can decide how much to put in the container and have stopped buying juice boxes! My son loves flavored milk but has gotten used to my 'watered down' version (he doesn't know the ratio) so when I would buy ready made they were too sweet for him. These boxes give me a way to mix to his tastes, he can easily close it and put it up if there are leftovers, and they will be extremely handy this fall when he goes to school!


So far so good

7/13/2014 by Heidi

I like these reusable juice boxes. They work well and have a good seal. No leaks!


A hit with my granddaughter

7/12/2014 by Nancy

I bought this for my 4 year old grandaughter because she loves juice boxes and they are expensive and wasteful. She love this.


Great Idea

7/12/2014 by Gail

I got these for gifts for family and also a couple extra for when we have guests with children. They're very popular. What a great idea!!


Great idea

7/11/2014 by Yossef

I love this concept. A bit pricey though. My son uses this for juice and choc milk better than having to constantly finding quality juice boxes. Just chose a good juice or milk and use it. As a chossey dad I love this idea.

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The Drink in the Box Story

Drink in the Box - Reusable Drink Boxes

Cold Drinks

Children can't seem to get enough of juice boxes. And while parents appreciate the compact convenience, the individually-sized drinks are often pricey per serving, high in sugar, low on real fruit, and the tetra packaging is not biodegradable. In fact, more than four billion of these little cartons fill landfills every year. Drink in the Box is a healthy alternative that is eco-friendly and enables you to control what your kids are drinking (more water, less corn syrup).

Designed by Toronto-based Marc Heinke, the patented Drink in the Boxes are made with highly durable Tritan, a food safe,
BPA- and phalate-free material that’s dishwasher safe and doesn't cloud after washing. It looks just like a prepackaged juice box and fits more easliy into lunch bags than a water bottle. Leakproof, with an easy open/close design, Drink in the Box won’t explode or squirt everywhere, minimizing spillage.

Mix drinks yourself, reduce waste, and use over and over again. That's thinking outside of the box.
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