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Drink in the Box

Reusable Drink Box - 12 oz Case of 24

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Juice in the Box - its OK

9/22/2014 by Miles

Great replacement for store bought juice boxes. We had the opportunity to use it as a teaching moment, explaining to my 4 year old about waste and the benefits to the environment of reuse. He is excited about the box and colors.

Cleaning is kind of a pain, never sure if the straw is really clean.



Love it!

9/21/2014 by Annette

My 3 and 5 year old boys love their juice box. Very practical to use and wash. Highly recommendable product.


Great idea

9/21/2014 by Elizabeth

I bought several of these for my grandson who is starting Kindergarden and will be taking his lunch to school. Since his juice is always mixed 1/3 with water and are pure juice, the juice boxes you purchase would not work for him. These are great and he can use them for years to come. I purchased the replacement parts also, but felt that with the price of these, at least one set should have come with it... Buy three get the replacement pkg free as these are almost $12 each. Kinda pricey as most things on here are, but it is an investment in saving his parents money on those regular juice boxes and his healthy lower sugar diet.


This is great

8/18/2014 by yvette

My daughter loved this and she us 10. Will be great for school.


Good Product

8/8/2014 by Kisha

I really liked this product and my daughter does as well. The only thing that was wrong was that the "J" in juice on the pink one omitted, but when reading through the "return policy", I was too much of a hassle as well as it was not worth the cost to return also stated that something had to be wrong with the manufacturing of the product...mine was cosmetic. :-(


Joan Anglin

8/6/2014 by Joan

My grand children absolutely love this for their juice. We are in the habit of filling with water and some juice and they are happy with this. The juice in the boxes are virtually indestructable also, surviving being dropped from heights and being run over by wiggle bikes and toy cars. The only issue I have noticed is that if you don't pinch off the straw when placing the top on, it shoots juice out at you, which had my 5 year old grand son and daughter in stitches!


Indestructible box, but straw can be mangled

7/16/2014 by Linda

I loved being able to reuse this no-leak, refillable container for my 5-y-o grandson for day camp, but after 4 days he figured out how to open the box himself and started gnawing and chewing the bottom of the straw to the point that it cracked and became unusable. The box may be indestructible, but the interior straw is not. I had to order a "replacement kit" that cost just about as much as the juice box. Please consider including at least one replacement straw along with the purchase of each box. Thankfully, there were no shipping costs for the replacement kit.


Blue great Green Bad

3/5/2015 by Cheryl

Bought 2 one blue one green. Really like them how ever the green one broke the hinge on the lid just cracked off. Grommet replaced it and the second green one also broke.This time the second time I used it. Blue one still fine. Has anyone else had this problem! Like I said love the blue one!



8/11/2014 by Fern

Doesn't seal as well as I had hoped.


Cute, Durable, but Leaky

7/24/2014 by Clint

My 15 month old son loves his juice box. This is a great answer to actual juice boxes, as you can better control what your child is drinking, but they still enjoy the looks of the container. My son can't squeeze the box and spray juice/water all over the house anymore, also, which is great. However, sometimes he forgets that there is a straw, and he turns the box upside down. When this happens the contents leak out of a hole in the top of the box. I understand that my child is not supposed to turn it upside, and he will get better with age, but I want everyone to be aware that this product WILL LEAK. Other than that, it seems to be a really good product, though a little expensive for what it is. I think that at this price you should be getting two instead of just one.

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The Drink in the Box Story

Drink in the Box - Reusable Drink Boxes

Cold Drinks

Children can't seem to get enough of juice boxes. And while parents appreciate the compact convenience, the individually-sized drinks are often pricey per serving, high in sugar, low on real fruit, and the tetra packaging is not biodegradable. In fact, more than four billion of these little cartons fill landfills every year. Drink in the Box is a healthy alternative that is eco-friendly and enables you to control what your kids are drinking (more water, less corn syrup).

Designed by Toronto-based Marc Heinke, the patented Drink in the Boxes are made with highly durable Tritan, a food safe,
BPA- and phalate-free material that’s dishwasher safe and doesn't cloud after washing. It looks just like a prepackaged juice box and fits more easliy into lunch bags than a water bottle. Leakproof, with an easy open/close design, Drink in the Box won’t explode or squirt everywhere, minimizing spillage.

Mix drinks yourself, reduce waste, and use over and over again. That's thinking outside of the box.
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