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Drink in the Box

Reusable Drink Box - 12 oz Case of 24

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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not what I thought

5/18/2015 by Brittany

Well I ordered it for my son thinking it would be a great alternative to his current leak proof cups, but once we got it I realized ther is a small hole behind the straw which allowes liquid to come out I assume this is to release air pressure so it can be used With out the walls of the box caving in. That being in the details would have been A nice thing to have. When the lid is in the locked position; yes it is spill proof and it is true that it can not be squeezed but do make sure when your refilling the cup to have the lid secured in the locked position or you will have liquid shoot out of the straw at you. And don't let the child sling it around while the lid isn't locked or you will have a sticky mess to clean up.


Not for 2.5 yr olds

3/23/2015 by stephanie

Not appropriate for 2.5 year old. My child ripped off the lid on the first day of use. I like the box, just wish I had waited until she was a year older at least.


Broke already

12/1/2014 by Douglas

I loved the idea but my boys already broke them... i bought five and im not sure how many have lasted but its only been a couple of weeks.


just ok

11/27/2014 by Marc

I purchased two of these for my Grandson. One has already broke, from a fall from the highchair (The Grommet has replaced it with no trouble!) And just an fyi they DO leak when the lid is open. So is your youngin holds it upside down it will leak all over the place. Lid closed it wont leak...duh Not real happy about the price and the fact that one broke so easily.
Love The Grommet though!



9/22/2014 by Mark

Lid connection is poor--- tend to have trouble getting tops off without breakage.


good idea, bad execution

9/8/2014 by Jan

I think the idea behind this is a good one.....but......even though I had difficulty figuring out how to open and use, it took my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter exactly one minute to open and spill it.


Lids Break

12/15/2014 by Marc

I purchased two of these and have one replaced very quickly by The Grommet. All three have broke the lids off. If a child drops this in the open position from the table or high chair they are VERY easily snapped off. Its a shame because I like the shape and function otherwise. But not for the price.


Not toddler proof

11/18/2014 by Helen

I bought 3 of these juice boxes in the hope that my preschooler could bring milk with him for his morning snack. Unfortunately the 1st one broke within 2 days of him using one. The lid broke off making it untransportable. Then a week later a second lid broke off. I have one complete one left but I'm very disappointed.


Not happy!

8/21/2014 by Lisa

Love the idea, but on the second say of school the top broke off my 5 year old's box, and looks like the hinge on my 9 year olds is going to break soon as well. If I had know that they wouldn't last past the first week of school I wouldn't have bothered.


Not For Me!

7/14/2014 by Kaye

Didn't really like it. The rubber straw gives the juice a funny taste even after washing several times. And since I have no dish washer but my own two hands, I found it hard to keep it clean.

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The Drink in the Box Story

Drink in the Box - Reusable Drink Boxes

Cold Drinks

Children can't seem to get enough of juice boxes. And while parents appreciate the compact convenience, the individually-sized drinks are often pricey per serving, high in sugar, low on real fruit, and the tetra packaging is not biodegradable. In fact, more than four billion of these little cartons fill landfills every year. Drink in the Box is a healthy alternative that is eco-friendly and enables you to control what your kids are drinking (more water, less corn syrup).

Designed by Toronto-based Marc Heinke, the patented Drink in the Boxes are made with highly durable Tritan, a food safe,
BPA- and phalate-free material that’s dishwasher safe and doesn't cloud after washing. It looks just like a prepackaged juice box and fits more easliy into lunch bags than a water bottle. Leakproof, with an easy open/close design, Drink in the Box won’t explode or squirt everywhere, minimizing spillage.

Mix drinks yourself, reduce waste, and use over and over again. That's thinking outside of the box.
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