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Drink Tops™

Ventilated Wine Drink Covers - Set of 2 Case of 8

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Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Idea!

10/20/2019 by Janet

I love these drink covers. I have tried several different things as a cover, but the ventilation is perfect!


Great addition to the deck or patio

7/1/2019 by SAMUEL

These work just perfectly for any drink inside or out. That are big enough for even the largest of wine or other glasses. They are easy to store and easy to clean - a great idea well executed.


Drink Tops Ventilated Wine Drink Covers

1/29/2019 by Shirley

As described. I also use as a coaster.


I love these!!!

9/1/2018 by Connie

I was always trying to keep bugs from landing in my glass of wine when sitting out on my deck. These drink covers have made having a glass of wine on the deck so much more relaxing! I really do love them!


perfect for outdoors

7/28/2018 by Laurianne

I love these drink covers. It is nice to sit outside with a glass of wine or any other kind of beverage and not have to worry about fruit flies and other bugs getting into your drink.


Well worth it!

6/15/2018 by Beth

We have these little flies that are drawn to our wine like, well, flies. I’ve tried different types of covered glasses but never cared for the options. I usually wound up putting my cell phone on top of my glass to stop the flies from committing suicide by drowning in my glass. These covers are wonderful! They’re lightweight, attractive and let the wine breathe. I no longer have to pick fly carcases out of my wine. Thank you!


Saves the Wine!!

6/11/2018 by Nancy

Love sitting outside having a glass of wine and unfortunately the bugs love it along with me. These drink covers are so great to use to keep them out of my drink. Good purchase



6/7/2018 by nanci

Coasters, plastic dog food can lids, a perforated silicone funnel — things I used before I bought these little jewels. It isn’t a complicated solution, but I find it much nicer to use something that looks nice while keeping the gnats and fruit flies out of my precious wine!


Great summer top for drinks and wine

5/20/2018 by Littlev

Love these! Great for wine! Awesome for drinking wine outdoors. No bugs can enter! Yet the top has a little vent for the wine to breathe!

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The Drink Tops™ Story

Make your wine or lemonade a no-fly zone.

No Fly Zone

Drink Tops™ Founder Linda Wachter created this drink cover after one fruit fly too many ruined her beverage. Napkins didn’t do a good job protecting her drink, and when she learned that these pests release an enzyme that changes the flavor of wine, Linda came up with a better, BPA-free silicone solution.

Drink Tops™ fit onto most glasses, keeping unwanted add-ins out and helping keep your wine and other beverages in when you’re moving around. There’s a top with stainless steel mesh ventilation panel, too, that lets wine breathe while it’s guarded. And Drink Tops™ pull double duty as
coasters—triple duty, if you use a colorful cover as a glass marker.

Whether you’re enjoying cocktails on the patio, or are at a cookout or on a camping trip, Linda’s smart idea makes wine time worry-free, wherever you are.
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