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Great Aroma

2/27/2015 by MICHAEL

I could not be happier. They are HUGE! gets easier to handle as it gets smaller.
Really love the smell. Just feel fresh and clean after shower. Not perfume like other brands.
Lasts quite awhile.


Good gift

2/23/2015 by Frances

Lovely heft and excellent scent. I bought for gifts and am sure they will like the soaps.


Cut with a band saw!

2/16/2015 by Jayson

Soap so manly I can't hold it with my girly hands! I cut it in half with my band saw


Great product

2/13/2015 by Frank

Great product. Cut it into thirds for ease of use


love them

2/10/2015 by Paula

My husband fell in love with these soaps...we have three scents so far and he likes the ones he's tried. They last a long time and really clean up the sweat smell from a hard days work. Would recommend highly.



2/4/2015 by George

Great product, my son and I love it!


Big Ass Bar of Soap

2/4/2015 by Sue L

I must confess, I originally bought these soaps as a joke. Thought they would make a fun stocking stuffer for the guys in my family at Christmas. Well, the joke was on me. They all LOVE them, and have all asked for more of this great soap. Keep up the good work.


Already restocked my supply

2/3/2015 by Geoff

Contrary to other commentators, I found the ad promoting the Big Ass bar of soap very entertaining. Quite frankly, I even found the naysayers comments delightfully banal and whimsically entertaining. But enough of that, let's talk about product.

I love the soap. I was not too fond of the grain at first but after I desensitized my skin with a steel wire brush that I borrowed from my BBQ drawer (I didn't bother to clean the brush first because I knew the "Duke" would get the grease off), I can say that I don't even notice the grains anymore. All seriousness aside, the soap is an excellent blend of scent with a sensible amount of lathering to carry the funk of my manliness down the drain.

I love the stuff so much that I bought a bar for my nephew in lieu of their visit out here to our ranch this spring with the caveat that he probably shouldn't let his mom or my brother use the big ass bar until he felt that it would be safe for them to do so.

I just re-ordered some more soap to make sure that I always have a bar on hand. Please get some more Naval Supremacy back into the store. I have about another month left on the last bar of that variety and will need to order some more soon.

Great product, great price, great company - you have my business for as long as you continue to turn out this fantastic soap.

THANKS Grommet for a great find!!


This Soap Is Great

2/2/2015 by Ronald

This is definitely a man's soap. Everything about it says macho



1/23/2015 by George

DEFINITELY A big ass brick of soap! I love the Productivity bar - light peppermint!

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The Duke Cannon Story

Duke Cannon - Men's Soap

Vigorous Clean

Duke Cannon soap is manly through and through—the inspiration, the shape, the colors, and “Duke Cannon” himself. He drives an American pickup truck. He won’t drink martinis. And he doesn’t want to smell like a girl.

The entire Duke Cannon line is made for men. Like their “big ass brick” of soap—which is three times larger than everyday perfumed bars. The shape is based on the soap that was drop shipped to GIs during the Korean War. And it’s made in an American factory that supplied our military with soap for over 20 years.

Duke Cannon is committed to our country and its veterans, too. Active
military personnel test every Duke Cannon product before it gets sold. And a portion of proceeds goes to veterans' causes.

Founders Anthony Albanese and Sam Swartz realized that guys don’t want to use loofahs and floral-scented body wash. They left their day jobs, and created ways for guys to get clean that have a legendary personality.

With scents like “Accomplishment” and “Productivity” that are refreshing without being feminine, Duke Cannon brand offers serious cleanliness and a bit of humor for the manliest of men.
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