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Are there other sizes?

3/8/2015 by James

Seriously...I get it...where would the tagline "Big Ass Brick of Soap" go to? But really, have you tried handling this in the shower? Especially the first couple of days, with the sharp edges? And then when it does round out a bit, good luck holding onto it! I absolutely like the scents...but how about offering it up in smaller sizes? Even when one cuts the bar in half, that doesn't go very nicely...a lot just flakes off, and the center of Naval Supremacy doesn't hold up so well! I would buy this soap again, but only if offered in a smaller size. As I said the scents are great, but not worth the hassle...and my masculinity isn't threatened by using a smaller size!


keep up the good work

2/2/2015 by joseph

its a big ass bar but what ever dry they use to make this color it stains the wash cloth but besides that i think they are great


I dyed with this soap!

1/12/2015 by Ron

It's a big-ass brick all right. But the black dye has an affinity for washcloths. That may smell like an accomplishment; doesn't look like one. Evidently ol' Duke is single...


Beware of color transfer ...

1/6/2015 by Randy

Love the soap, but the black "Accomplishment" bar leaves a light colored washcloth dingy -- not a popular result among those in the household that like whites white, not gray.


Bigger is not necessarily better

2/14/2018 by Gene

As advertised, the bars smell nice. Also as advertised, the bars are big, but I found them to be unwieldy. The reason for the low rating, however, is because the soap sheds! Flakes of the soap come off the bar constantly, making a big mess in the shower. They really got the formulation wrong.


Not so BIG!

1/13/2017 by RockNron

I bought this "Brick" of Soap to see just how good it was and
for the price the soap did not last very long compared to
name brand soap(Dial,Dove Etc).
The smell did not last and it has these Pieces of something
in it that are very sharp and caused scratch marks on my skin.



7/12/2015 by Harold

Meh wasn't that impressed,the black lather reminded me of the oldtime gag soap in the back of comic books.Scent is ok .Don't think I'll try the others.



8/10/2017 by Loveitsew

My son's loved the soap for Christmas. I am so pleased. Thank you


This stuff stains!

8/2/2016 by Becky

Black and Blue colors stains bath linens and grout. The factory acknowledges this but their response was..Sorry, it happens! I wouldn't purchase from them again due to lousy customer service.


Don't use a wash cloth.

6/6/2015 by Maurice

Am I the only one that still uses a wash cloth in the shower? This soap will stain your cloth and it does not come out in the wash. Poorly made. And it does not smell all that great. Do not buy this item if you use a wash cloth.

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The Duke Cannon Story

Duke Cannon - Men's Soap

Vigorous Clean

Duke Cannon soap is manly through and through—the inspiration, the shape, the colors, and “Duke Cannon” himself. He drives an American pickup truck. He won’t drink martinis. And he doesn’t want to smell like a girl.

The entire Duke Cannon line is made for men. Like their “big ass brick” of soap—which is three times larger than everyday perfumed bars. The shape is based on the soap that was drop shipped to GIs during the Korean War. And it’s made in an American factory that supplied our military with soap for over 20 years.

Duke Cannon is committed to our country and its veterans, too. Active
military personnel test every Duke Cannon product before it gets sold. And a portion of proceeds goes to veterans' causes.

Founders Anthony Albanese and Sam Swartz realized that guys don’t want to use loofahs and floral-scented body wash. They left their day jobs, and created ways for guys to get clean that have a legendary personality.

With scents like “Accomplishment” and “Productivity” that are refreshing without being feminine, Duke Cannon brand offers serious cleanliness and a bit of humor for the manliest of men.
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