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12/6/2017 by Maryellen

Really is a BIG bar of soap! Smells delicious, pretty sure it'll be a big hit with the guys!


I Love These!

10/17/2017 by Mom328

They are big, that's for sure, & they will last a good while, I have no doubt. They smell wonderful! I purchased 3 of them as gifts for this coming Christmas for my 2 young adult sons & my brother. Two of them arrived promptly & the other, soon after (I was advised immediately re the delayed shipment). I love that they are modeled after the rough-cut "brick" style of soap used by GIs in the Korean War. I expect these to be well received. They are manly in a throw-back style. No androgeny or metrosexual (though I have no doubt they'd love them too!). They made me think of comedian Tim Allen's old schtick about the grunting caveman (maybe he just meant that was a woman's perception). I love that you get a discount on buying more than two. Anyway, I expect to be a repeat customer.


Love these

9/15/2017 by Deborah

Great for gifts!!


Big Hands a Must

7/4/2017 by Bill

I ordered one bar of the white type. Absolutely love it. Great scent and it lathers up beautifully. It's a nice massive hunk of soap so might not be right for small-handed people. After trying the first brick I ordered two more. Saves on shipping.
Very happy with this purchase!


My husband loves it!

6/29/2017 by Annalisa

I bought two bars of this soap, one each of Naval Supremacy and Victory scents, for my husband. He loves it! He says they smell good, and he likes the way they lather up. He also liked what he read about the company, and how they help military personnel. I will be buying more in the future!


Really Great Brick

6/12/2017 by Bill G.

I bought one Productivity (white) brick and I love it. Ordered two more. Much better deal. $1 off each bar and shipping cost was the same as a one bar order.


Great soap!!

5/3/2017 by David

I love The Grommet!! This soap is great smelling, and will last for a long time.



3/8/2017 by Jacque

I purchased this for my husband and he really likes it and it smells very clean.


Good stuff

2/4/2017 by Louise

Hubby loves this, especially the Victory scent. Long lasting and very reasonably priced.


My husband loves this soap!

1/16/2017 by LuRae

This soap is great.

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The Duke Cannon Story

Duke Cannon - Men's Soap

Vigorous Clean

Duke Cannon soap is manly through and through—the inspiration, the shape, the colors, and “Duke Cannon” himself. He drives an American pickup truck. He won’t drink martinis. And he doesn’t want to smell like a girl.

The entire Duke Cannon line is made for men. Like their “big ass brick” of soap—which is three times larger than everyday perfumed bars. The shape is based on the soap that was drop shipped to GIs during the Korean War. And it’s made in an American factory that supplied our military with soap for over 20 years.

Duke Cannon is committed to our country and its veterans, too. Active
military personnel test every Duke Cannon product before it gets sold. And a portion of proceeds goes to veterans' causes.

Founders Anthony Albanese and Sam Swartz realized that guys don’t want to use loofahs and floral-scented body wash. They left their day jobs, and created ways for guys to get clean that have a legendary personality.

With scents like “Accomplishment” and “Productivity” that are refreshing without being feminine, Duke Cannon brand offers serious cleanliness and a bit of humor for the manliest of men.
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