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Silicone Earbud Securers Case of 12

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great security option for AirPods

1/5/2020 by John

Very comfortable addition to apple ear buds. Hope they come out with a version that works with the new AirPod Pro.


Works like a charm

12/29/2019 by Gail

Without these handy silicone hangers, I would not be able to keep my ear buds in my ears.


Earhoox work!

10/31/2019 by Colleen

Earhoox are the only product that I have found which correctly adjusts the fit for Apple and apple-like earbuds. Without this product all earbuds fall out of my ear which is extremely annoying when running. I recommend this product for anyone who has trouble keeping earbuds securely in their ears.


again and again

10/19/2019 by Michael

This is the second set I have bought in seven years.


the best ear bud friend

10/7/2019 by Paula

these little jackets for the ear buds are brilliant. comfortable, stay in your ear, small! brilliant!


Love them!

6/27/2019 by Ann

The smaller ones fit me best, and I use them in the gym to listen to audiobooks. Would recommend to anyone. I passed the larger ones to my granddaughter, who uses them all the time.


Secure earbuds for sure

5/25/2019 by Robert

When the originals came out I bought two sets, blue and white, and have enjoyed them since. Now the newer versions are here and I find them even better: the little post is gone and the silicone is stiffer, so they hold better. Just one suggestion: for those of us who ae familiar with them, package them as a pair of small or large ones, not one set of each. As they are now packaged, I have a set a a gift (!!) but I want them both for myself!


Love love these

3/16/2019 by M M

I’ve purchased several of these. Keep giving the larger ones away. I love the newer improved ones, they stay on the ear buds better than when they 1st came out. I kept loosing them because they would slip off, but now they don’t. Thanks for the improvement.


These do actually work on tiny ears

3/3/2019 by Debra

Was pleased that these actually work in my tiny ears. I've never been able to wear Apple earbuds because they hurt. They don't fit 'snugly' into ear canal because the earbuds are too large, but these securers make them feel secure and they do not fall out when I'm out walking or jogging and listening. Thank you!


Super on a dog walk.

2/13/2019 by M N Latona

These really keep my earbuds in my ears. Earbuds stay in pretty well but never come out with the Securer. Only wish that I could leave them on while the earbuds are charging.

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The Earhoox Story

Earhoox v2

Airpod Attachment

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with earbuds.

Yes, they provide a private soundtrack for your life, but they can also be uncomfortable and hard to keep in place. Earhoox are soft silicone earbud attachments that fit in the crook of your ear, applying traction to key points for secure—and really comfortable—listening.

Earhoox are so well liked that, after launching on The Grommet and selling more than 150,000 pairs, Makers Jeff Becker and Helmut Wyzisk used your feedback to make them even better.

Jeff and Helmut improved the elasticity tire that attaches to your buds, so they won’t
fall off or get lost in your pocket/backpack. They also cut down on the silicone, so your Earhoox take up less space and feel lighter, too.

Engineered for active lifestyles (or just chilling), these waterproof, fin shaped hooks secure to the bud, disperse its weight, and stay put with maximum coziness.
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