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Dryer Egg

10/8/2019 by Ellen

The pair of dryer eggs seem to dry the clothes a little more quickly and the fragrance is nice. However, they do make a moderate noise while tumbling in the dryer.



10/4/2019 by Erica

I bought these to use in an older dryer and help dry my laundry better. I have not cut out dryer sheets completely and I have not noticed a dramatic reduction in drying time, but the eggs do make the laundry smell very nice and they are heavy enough that they make the laundry tumble better, so I don't need to throw tennis balls in with the sheets to keep them from balling up.


makes laundry softer and smell better!

8/2/2019 by Deb

I do think these make my clothes softer and smell better. I just hope the scent lasts a long time! (I have only used these for about 6 or 8 loads so far so). I don't think they shorten the drying time for me, but I will continue to use them and would recommend them simply for the softness and scent!


Fresh smelling laundry finally without heavy perfumes/scents

7/29/2019 by Linda

After purchasing the laundry egg, I decided to purchase the matching dryer product. Also easy to use and smells great.


Money saving!

6/27/2019 by Crystal

This product is great and at first I was afraid to use it without dryer sheets. But then I was out and went for it. I'm glad I did because it really does what it claims and I'm saving so much. I recommend this product.


As advertised, excellent product

4/3/2019 by Brian

Does what it claims to, linen scent is light and pleasant. Does NOT keep static completely at bay, but shortens drying times and restores absorbency of towels and dish rags after several washes. Recommended.


Clothes Dry Quicker - but not as soft as I like

3/19/2019 by Dana

Yes, the clothes dry up to 20% quicker. Towels do not have the softness I am used to with my dryer sheets. The rest of the laundry is fine. But the first few times I used this, our dog barked constantly because of the banging in the machine. He thought someone was knocking at the door. We had to take him down to the laundry room and show him!!


Great product!

3/18/2019 by Dana1942

This is a great product, overall. Especially for our regular laundry -- clothes and bedding. And they do speed up drying! However, when using it for our towels and washcloths, the results are left a bit scratchy, and I think for these I may go back to standard dryer sheets.



3/13/2019 by Patti

I bought these when I bought the Laundry Egg. I have used the dryer balls, those plastic ones, for years, avoiding the dryer sheets and their added chemicals. These seem to do an okay job, but I didn't like them used with towels. I'm not sure they do much more than add a little scent to the dry laundry done.


works well,but still has static

3/10/2019 by Brenda

I really love the way the eggs speed up drying time, and my clothes feel really good. I still have a lot of static in them though so I do have to add a fabric softener sheet for that reason. I was really pleased that my clothes came out wrinkle free though.

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The Ecoegg Story

Don’t buy laundry detergent again till 2020.

Laundry Load

When we first heard about Ecoegg’s all-natural, long-lasting laundry detergent alternative and dryer eggs, they sounded almost too good to be true.

When you do the wash, you don’t need to use pods or liquid detergent. Toss Ecoegg’s washer egg in with your load and the pellets inside do the cleaning and stain fighting. Ceramic pellets weaken the bonds between dirt and fabric, while mineral ones ionize the oxygen in the water, lifting grime without damaging fibers.

Each laundry egg comes with enough refillable pellets for 210 or 720 washes. Whether it’s just you or you’re washing for the whole
family, one egg could last for up to three years.

Ecoegg makes hypoallergenic dryer eggs, too. They’re dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Fragrance sticks infuse your clothes with a fresh scent and the nodules on the egg’s surface soften fabric and reduce drying time by almost a third.

Enjoy a more wallet- and environment-friendly way of doing your laundry.
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