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Its okay

11/1/2019 by Kathleen

did not re-order


Don't waste your money

10/25/2019 by Lisa

The mineral laundry egg was used for two weeks. At first it seemed to work great. However, the second week, I noticed that even though I sprayed the stains on my clothes with shout, the stain did not come out. The gunk that was on some towels did not wash out. I had to rewash the laundry.. I do not recommend the laundry egg


Not so sure....

6/26/2019 by Jonathan

I am not sold on this product at all. I was very eager and excited to try this for my laundry. After the first wash my clothes never felt or smelled clean. I was dissappointed.


Horrible for side-load washers

5/17/2019 by Jane

I was excited to try this but it's horrible for side-load washers. It's so loud as the hard plastic egg hits against the washer as it spins. BANG, BANG, BANG the entire time.

Also, it's cracked (and broken off) buttons on two of my shirts in the first 2 weeks of having it.


Dont bother

3/4/2019 by Rain

This is a great idea. It just doesnt work out. It doesnt do anything for really dirty clothes or smelly clothes. I washed towels and they came out of the wash as rank as they went in. Sweaty worked out in the yard clothes didnt get clean or less smelly either. Save your money if you actually work.


Terrible Performance

3/3/2019 by Sigrid

I bought the Laundry Egg because the reviews were so positive. Last week I used it to launder workout clothes from a tumbler/acrobat couple who was staying with me. After TWO washes, the shirts still tank of sweat. It was disgusting. I went out and bought a supply of Tide. When I washed the clothes a third time, with real detergent, they came out clean and sweet-smelling. I threw away the Egg and its refills.


Didn't work for me

2/27/2019 by KAREN

I honestly didn't like the laundry egg nor the fabric softener. Didn't seem to clean my clothes or do anything for the clothes in the dryer. Having a front loader the eggs pounded around on the inside of my washer and dryer. I felt these products would save from having to purchase liquid soaps and fabric softener, but subsequently that didn't happen. Threw the items that were ordered away. There was no smell of fabric softener after coming out of the dryer.


not happy

2/25/2019 by Carita

I am unhappy for two reasons. First I think it might be defective as I cannot open the egg to put the pellets in. Next the info sheet said to make sure your clothes washer isn't set for minimal water usage, and my washer is designed to use minimal water. But I figure in order to send it back I would probably pay 1/2 as much as I already spent and I don't want the hassel


Not So Great

2/6/2019 by Donna

I really don’t understand all the great reviews on this product. I noticed right away that a normal pretreated stain did not come clean as it would have with detergent, but wasn’t ready to give up on this product yet. I used it several more loads and noticed an unpleasant smell to my laundry- kind of chemical, but hard to describe. This was even if I used a fabric softener.
So, I feel like this was a waste of money.
I also bought the dryer eggs- they definitely don’t help with static. Couldn’t tell that they made a difference in drying time either.


Do Not Buy

1/2/2019 by Jo

Do not buy this product! I've given ample chances but my clothes were not cleaned and actually began to acquire strange stains. And, their customer service blew me off - totally!


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The Ecoegg Story

Don’t buy laundry detergent again till 2020.

Laundry Load

When we first heard about Ecoegg’s all-natural, long-lasting laundry detergent alternative and dryer eggs, they sounded almost too good to be true.

When you do the wash, you don’t need to use pods or liquid detergent. Toss Ecoegg’s washer egg in with your load and the pellets inside do the cleaning and stain fighting. Ceramic pellets weaken the bonds between dirt and fabric, while mineral ones ionize the oxygen in the water, lifting grime without damaging fibers.

Each laundry egg comes with enough refillable pellets for 210 or 720 washes. Whether it’s just you or you’re washing for the whole
family, one egg could last for up to three years.

Ecoegg makes hypoallergenic dryer eggs, too. They’re dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Fragrance sticks infuse your clothes with a fresh scent and the nodules on the egg’s surface soften fabric and reduce drying time by almost a third.

Enjoy a more wallet- and environment-friendly way of doing your laundry.
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