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Thank you, Ecoegg!

10/19/2020 by Aubrey

The laundry egg has been a game changer. I was spending a ton on "earth friendly" laudry detergent and feeling like a jerk every time I dumped a thick empty plastic jug into "recycling." No more!
You almost can't believe how well it works. We have two kids who definitely get dirty, and do almost a load a day of sheets, beach towels, clothes with dirt, food stains...and now soggy face masks, too. It all comes out clean and refreshed.
We have the unscented one, so I can't speak for the fragranced ones (personally I can't stand fragrances) but it still works like a charm. We have even traveled with it!


Very pleased !!

10/19/2020 by Kathryn




8/29/2020 by Iskra

Very happy with product, i regret that I did not get it earlier.


Convenient and Easy

8/19/2020 by Audrey

I bought this for myself eight months ago and loved it so much that I purchased one for my daughter.
I had been using some scented beads with mine but now they come scented. She loves it as do I.
The laundry is clean, fresh with no mess!
The only con was replacing the beads. However if you read the directions and make sure the egg is secure it should go smoothly.
I love mine!!!!!!


Needed new one

8/2/2020 by Pamela

Love the egg best laundry cleaner. Only use soap on really greasy things. Of course it’s biodegradable. Clean clothes and soft


It works!

7/20/2020 by Cheryl

I use it all the time and lasts a long time.



7/20/2020 by Kristien

This product is such an awesome find! It cleans clothes well and leaves them smelling fresh. We’ve been using this product for over six months and it is absolutely amazing. I don’t think we will ,ever go back to traditional laundry soap!


A great way to stop buying laundry detergent

7/20/2020 by Irene

I love finding all these simple ways to live a littlemore "green" in a world that needs to be. I have been using this for more than a year now.
TheGrommet is full of wonderful new ideas to do old things.


It works!

7/20/2020 by Nancy

We decided to try this although it sounded so unusual. As far as I can tell, in the two months we've used it, our clothes are getting clean and it is far less work and money. I will buy one as a gift next fall.


Great cleaner for laundry

6/5/2020 by Cathryn

This does an excellent job of getting my laundry clean, even some heavy stains. I like the idea of no plastic packaging to fill up landfills. Since I live by myself, I expect this to last me many years!

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The Ecoegg Story

Don’t buy laundry detergent again till 2020.

Laundry Load

When we first heard about Ecoegg’s all-natural, long-lasting laundry detergent alternative and dryer eggs, they sounded almost too good to be true.

When you do the wash, you don’t need to use pods or liquid detergent. Toss Ecoegg’s washer egg in with your load and the pellets inside do the cleaning and stain fighting. Ceramic pellets weaken the bonds between dirt and fabric, while mineral ones ionize the oxygen in the water, lifting grime without damaging fibers.

Each laundry egg comes with enough refillable pellets for 210 or 720 washes. Whether it’s just you or you’re washing for the whole
family, one egg could last for up to three years.

Ecoegg makes hypoallergenic dryer eggs, too. They’re dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Fragrance sticks infuse your clothes with a fresh scent and the nodules on the egg’s surface soften fabric and reduce drying time by almost a third.

Enjoy a more wallet- and environment-friendly way of doing your laundry.
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