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Should have purchased earlier

2/11/2019 by unavailable

Very easy to use. Instructions are clear and there is help if you have questions that aren't answered in the literature or on line. Have only been using for two weeks, do notice improvement. Younger women should go ahead and start using this. The older you get the more important it will be.


Very interesting

1/29/2019 by Bridget

This elvis is very interesting... still figuring it out will know mone in a month...


Really works!

9/9/2018 by Jen

I was hesitant to buy this but needed the help. I looked into physical therapy it was several thousand dollars to go to a clinic. So I gave Elvie a try. It was easy to hook up to my iPhone. The app was very easy to use and offered more suggestions for exercises than I knew about before. The measurements are helpful to see how I am improving and my symptoms are getting much better. I am very, very happy with my purchase of the Elvie.


Worth the money

5/17/2018 by Tatiana

I’ve purchased it , but before I start using , i talk to my OBGYN .
He said: absolutely. It will help to face older age in healthier state. It’s preventative.
Also yoga teacher alway emphasize Kegel muscles, this device gives a control environment on your progress.
I have one child. 46 years old.


a subject that needs to be better addressed

12/3/2017 by Barbara

I've only had the Elvie for about a week now but I am finding that it has been very helpful in muscle isolation and helping maintain that focus while exercising. Very easy to use.


Use with a Pacemaker?

11/13/2017 by Nancy L

I have to be careful with using electronic devices on my body that might interfere with the Pacemaker in my chest. I wear a Fitbit 24/7 with no discernible problem. I am encouraged to see possible help for incontinence which I have lived with for many years (Kegel-ha). The feedback/app could make all the difference and this appliance is a lot less invasive/expensive than surgery.


Elvis Pelvic Floor Trainer

10/22/2017 by Sue

I have been using Elvie for about 4 weeks. I am an older woman who has relialized if I don't start training my pelvic floor (doing Kegel exercises) I will be incontinent of urine as I age.I have known I should do this for years, but you just don't believe how important it is until you start having issues!
The Elvie is well designed and I am hopeful that I am not beyond hope gaining the control I seek if I continue to use this little device!
I ran into an issue where I couldn't connect to my iPhone about 2 weeks in. I emailed for assistance, and received a call from a very helpful woman that assisted me to get things rolling again! Very helpful assistance! Her name was Suzanne.
I highly recommend this product. My advice is start earlier than later. You won't be sorry!


A real interactive motivation to do your exercises

10/7/2017 by Jaime

I love this! After a stent and kidney stones it’s helping me get some muscle control recommended by my doc for stress incintinence. I love that it feels like a video game and interacts so well with my phone. It’s the only way I keep up with the exercises to have this tool is a real help!


Quality of life changer

8/22/2017 by Linda

I am so thankful for Elvie! I have had problems over the years and my doctor says "surgery" and I say "no - there has to be something else I can do!" Elvie is the something else. Turns out all my efforts to do exercises for the my weak pelvic floor were done incorrectly, causing more harm than good. Now with this smart device and the app on my phone, I have been trained to do the exercises correctly and within 3 weeks there has been an amazing transformation. I love The Grommet because I can find so many great and innovative products in one place. This has changed my life for the better and I'm going to inform my physician; hopefully other women will be informed that there is help.


Easy to use

6/28/2017 by Sherry

I've been using this for two weeks now. I'm seeing progress which is giving me some hope. Trying to recuperate from a long illness and regain pelvic floor strength is wonderful using this device. Never would have thought this was available. Thanks for relief and hope.

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The Elvie Story

Are you doing your kegels?

Kegel Trainer

It’s a good idea for ladies to do kegel exercises, but many don’t know where to start. (Or what it is they are exercising.) That’s where Elvie comes in. It’s a smart kegel trainer that coaches you through workouts to help strengthen your pelvic floor.

Elvie is connected to an app that provides feedback (and encouragement) as you work the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle group runs from the tailbone to the pubic bone, and acts like a hammock that lifts and supports your core. Keeping this area healthy is also important for major functions like bladder control and even sex.

Built-in sensors
gauge your strength and progress, and a workout is only about 5-10 minutes a few times a week. Regular Kegel exercises can help build up muscle tone and strength in this often overlooked, but important, area, which can lead to a stronger core—and a healthier you. Read More Read Less