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Digital Tape Measure Case of 10

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Digital Tape Measure

8/30/2016 by Vicki

Easy to Use...Accurate...


Multi function tape measure

8/3/2016 by John

This has some nice features but a little pricey.


Husband Likes A Lot!

1/28/2016 by Joanna

My husband really likes this digital tape measure a lot! It's especially good for him because his eyes aren't what they used to be as far as seeing the tiny lines on ordinary tape measures. He did have one suggestion: He wished it could be made to be one inch wide instead of the half inch width so it wouldn't bend as easily when measuring a longer distance. Other than that - he loves it!


Good features

1/19/2016 by Sasha

Has excellent features (my husband was in heaven with his new toy), but it doesn't seem very sturdy. I'm afraid he's going to break it.



12/31/2015 by Dan

This was given as a gift. The recipient, a do-it-yourselfer, was quite happy. He took special time to tell ne how well it worked.


husband thinks it will be handy

12/28/2015 by Mary Ann

husband anxious to use



10/27/2015 by Bob

This is an impressive innovation, with a very nice design, and it works well ... almost. You can measure with the tape and you can see your measurement on the digital screen. Unfortunately, when the measure is, say, three feet or more, there is a clear discrepancy between the two: In my experience, the digital measure is different, by roughly 1/16 inch, from the tape measure. If that's close enough for you, ... then no problem. Otherwise, you can use the screen to get close to the right answer and then ... rely only on the tape.


FINALLY, Someone Gets It!!!!

10/13/2015 by KALANI

I've been waiting for something like this a long time. I'm not a math genius and when it comes to measurements, I need a little help at times. Now I've finally got something that will show me where 1/8th is and what 5/16th looks like. And what makes it even better is that it will also give me measurements in centimeters. Yea!

Love that it has a memory function too. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.


Don't know what you want.

7/27/2018 by F

hard to use. Not worth the trouble/


great idea but tape and digital do not match up

6/15/2018 by jason

Really like the idea of having this however the digital measurement and the tape are off by 1/16 - 2/16 of an inch. Perhaps the calibration is off on mine??

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The eTape16 Story

eTape16 - Digital Tape Measure

Calculated Ease

Inventor Stephen Crane has spent 15 years on a mission: to make a better tape measure. eTape16 is his third iteration—an easy-to-use physical measuring tape with digital readouts and functions.

As you lengthen the measuring tape, the measurement displays on screen. Tap a button to save. Or convert measurements quickly (from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters, for example) and calculate midpoints (great for helping to hang a picture). And no need to bend the tape when measuring into a corner—just select the back of the device as the starting point.

This digital measuring tape
simplifies projects with less lunging for paper and pencil and less math to mess up. Read More Read Less