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Digital Tape Measure Case of 10

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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I think I can live without it!!

12/8/2015 by Donald

Took a little while to determine all the functions on this gizmo, and how to get it to measure what I wanted to measure, but it is a nice little toy! I believe that those who use tape measures daily for their job will probably not see the real value here! Just my thoughts!


Less than impressed

10/4/2018 by Dolores

It is just”ok”. The instructions are unclear and confusing.


want to love it

7/20/2016 by Katie Lynn

Wish I could say we love this. We did, but the very first drop and it was busted. And not even a fall from a high height, just my husband standing on the floor. :( So disappointing. This is the type of product that needs to be super durable to be really valuable.


I ended up returning this

6/23/2018 by Kay

I should have listened to all the reviews before I purchased this. When I got it and opened the box up all it took was one look and eye repackaged it and sent it back. It looked way too complicated to even use. For just wanting to measure something you would have to read the directions every time just to figure it out.


Don’t Bother

6/23/2018 by Barbara

I sent this back. It’s very clunky and poorly designed. I was disappointed, but had no problem with the return.


Decimal feature is useless

3/24/2018 by Gary

Very disappointed. The feature that attracted me to this was the readout capability in decimal inches as our drawings show measure this way. BUT, display is only one decimal place (tenths) so there is no significant usable accuracy.


Very Disappointed

2/7/2017 by Maria

I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend who is a landlord and measures things many times throughout the day. I thought it would save him some time. Unfortunately it needs to be recalibrated between almost every measurement, which renders the digital function pretty much useless. Save your money and buy and old-fashioned, manual measuring tape. Hands down the worst thing I've purchased from The Grommet and I'm disappointed that they're even endorsing it.


Impossible to change battery

12/19/2016 by Shannon

Cool device, my husband really liked it, but when he tried to replace the battery, the spring-loaded tape popped out and the guy who can fix nearly everything was unable to get it back together. Extremely disappointing, and rather embarrassing as I had given it to him as a gift.


Digital Tape Measure is a Great idea, but...

10/7/2016 by Jonson

I'm still trying to figure this out and may have to return it. The instructions are on a small very tiny text and unclear. I can't clear the memory, can't find how to get find the mid-point


Broke after second use

6/3/2016 by Gretchen

I was very disappointed with this product. The tape measure wasn't as long as I would have liked. The worst part is that it broke after second use.

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The eTape16 Story

eTape16 - Digital Tape Measure

Calculated Ease

Inventor Stephen Crane has spent 15 years on a mission: to make a better tape measure. eTape16 is his third iteration—an easy-to-use physical measuring tape with digital readouts and functions.

As you lengthen the measuring tape, the measurement displays on screen. Tap a button to save. Or convert measurements quickly (from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters, for example) and calculate midpoints (great for helping to hang a picture). And no need to bend the tape when measuring into a corner—just select the back of the device as the starting point.

This digital measuring tape
simplifies projects with less lunging for paper and pencil and less math to mess up. Read More Read Less