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Emerson & Oliver

New York Collection

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Reviews (3.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very nice and light for summer

5/30/2018 by David

It's a cool bracelet, but I'm not sure how it will hold up. It has already been kinked/bent a little and we can't seem to straighten it out. My wife is upset because she had only worn it a few times and wasn't doing anything that should damage it.


Beautiful bracelet

1/7/2019 by Sharon

Love the site and the unique items they offer. Shipping was fast even with it being the holiday season. I do/did love the bracelet. I was looking for something simple and stylish that I could wear daily that wouldn't break the bank. The first spring broke the first week of wearing. The second spring broke tonight, about the second/third week. Still loved it, price was good and it was really pretty. I think it just wasn't meant for daily wear. Still wearing the last spring. Wasn't sure how to rate, it just didn't work for me.


Not as durable as they say

6/9/2018 by heather

Cute and comfortable, but overpriced and overhyped when it comes to durability. Day two, no shower, no athletic activity, just a day at my office job, and I looked down to find one of my six (of course the one with the charm!) missing. I found it and attempted to repair, but the same one popped off again when removing (by rolling as suggested.
Maybe I need a tutorial on putting them back together? Just wish i’d spent $15 on 6 instead of over $30.


love it BUT........

5/10/2018 by Donna

Have been wearing my three strand bracelet for a couple of weeks now. The first week, I lost one of the strands and this week, I lost another one. I really do love this item and originally I had planned on purchasing the 25 strand one also; however, since they seem to come apart and disappear on me, I won't be pursuing that option.


Lasted one day

5/9/2018 by Marilyn

I bought 2 bracelets and loved them, but like other reviews, by day 2 two of the springs were stretched out. I'm hoping to return or see if there's a way to repair


do not purchase this item.

10/19/2018 by dawn

very disappointed! broke first time wearing



6/24/2018 by Linda

Received my 3rd set of bracelets, and when rolling them on, the first one broke in half immediately and went flying across the room. The second one did exactly the same thing. The third one, with the charm rolled on as expected. I will not be purchasing any additional bracelets!



5/15/2018 by Tom

Extremely fragile and for a very small wrist.


Easily irreparably ruined

5/6/2018 by Julie

I am saying essentially what another reviewer said. Mine sretched out, bent, and twisted the first time I wore it. I like the simple, not-flashy design but it isn't durable if you are an active person who doesn't want to have to worry about jewelry that is easily irreparably damaged. I, sadly, do not recommend this bracelet.



4/28/2018 by Patricia

Stretched out and twisted first time I wore them. Cute. But but basically disposable. Do not recommend

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The Emerson & Oliver Story

Bracelets you don't have to take off. Ever.

Spring Bracelets

BFF’s Laura Bascomb-Werth and Mary Presutti both wore spring bracelets when they were younger. When the lifelong friends couldn’t find a more polished grown-up version, they started making their own—and named their company Emerson & Oliver, after their own kids.

Their stainless-steel spring bracelets are lightweight, flexible, and built to be worn anywhere and every day. The bracelets can handle workouts and dips in the pool (or ocean!) without rusting or tarnishing. And they feel comfortable (no pinching, thank you) so you might not even notice they’re on when you’re in bed.

The bracelets
roll on, and if one comes un-sprung, no big deal—you can easily re-twist it to get it back into action.

Laura and Mary appreciate the struggle to balance work and family, so the duo enlists stay-at-home parents in Rochester, New York to hand-twist the bracelets. It’s a job the parents can do while home with their kids and still earn an income.
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