Precision Manual Coffee Grinder Sample

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great job

5/5/2019 by Marianne

Does a great job of evenly grinding coffee beans.


Precision grinding

1/28/2019 by Max

Depending on the day we might make French press, drip, or espresso. Now we can get the exact grind needed for the drink we're making. Our electric grinder is much faster, but doesn't provide the accuracy this does. If you're fussy about your coffee, and are willing to do a little work, you will love this.


Makes an "Amazing" pepper grinder!!

9/24/2018 by Chrystal

I tried various pepper grinders, to great disappointment. This "Coffee Grinder" is absolutely perfect for that purpose!!
Sometimes, one has to think outside the Norm to find the right tool for the job at hand. Cannot thank the designers enough.


Perfect for my percolator

9/15/2018 by Angelique

We have a percolator that requires coarse ground coffee. Now we can have the perfect cup of coffee.


takes forever to grind enough coffee to brew

5/13/2019 by Ann

I was very disappointed in this product. First of all it doesn't sit level on the counter, so you have to hold it tightly. Secondly, it grinds only a bit at a time. I kept opening it to see if was still full of beans because it was taking so long and it was full of beans but they were moving down to the grinding part very slowly. I have had an old fashioned wooden coffee mill in the past that at least ground the coffee in a decent amount of time. This product is overpriced and does not function well


Didn't expect plastic parts

11/19/2018 by Michelle

For the price I paid, this was disappointing. Some of the parts inside the grinder are plastic and I don't see this product making it very long. I've used old fashioned grinders that did a better job. It took forever to grind enough for a small pot of coffee. Difficult. Don't buy this

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The Eparé Story

Eparé | Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Coffee Tools

The team at Eparé created stainless steel tools to make your coffee-drinking experience better. Their ceramic burr coffee grinder and handheld milk frother help you easily elevate any cup of coffee to a cafe-worthy drink.

You might not know that coffee beans can be ground to different coarseness to suit different coffee makers (and tastes). The Precision Manual Coffee Grinder lets you dial in to the just-right grind with 15 settings, ranging from super fine to chunky. The grinder’s ceramic burr makes quick work of beans and it won’t dull or rust over time like a metal burr can. The milk
frother is a surprisingly powerful tool that lets you whip up a latte or finish off coffee with frothy milk almost as fast as you can say “grande”. The whisk end pops off the battery base for easy cleaning.

Both tools are well-made and impressed us with how well they worked. They are easy additions to your coffee-making routine that make any cup a bit more special.
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