Adult Active Sitting Stool

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6/16/2020 by Michael

This is the perfect size, very comfortable and unlike the smaller size, it does not lose air, so there is less need to pump up once a week.


This stool is fantastic!

5/8/2020 by Stephanie

I purchased this stool when I realized that I would be working at home for an extended period. It has been great for my posture and reducing stiffness from sitting too long. I’ll be ordering another one for my office!



11/2/2019 by Dee

Works great!


not for me

10/9/2019 by Birute

The plastic is hard and did not feel comfortable. I sent it back.


Good core workout. Easy to sit on

6/26/2019 by Karen

...and it doesn't roll away! Perfect height for my desk.


Comfy Chair

6/15/2019 by X

I have chronic back issues and this seat has been a godsend. I have to pump in a little air every couple of months, but it's easy to do. Buying one for my office.


I like the Ergo Ergo Adult active sitting stool

5/13/2019 by Dianne K

Heretofore, I used the ball(s) to sit on, but one of my cats clawed both of them. I like this better than a regular chair....makes me sit up straight and it is impervious to cat claws.


Simple practical design

4/22/2019 by Monica

I love this stool! Took a day or so to get used to it, but so far has begun to make me aware of my posture even when I'm not using it. The price is extremely reasonable for something so practical. My only complaint is that it is made of plastic so my behind feels to hot sometimes.


Love it!

4/21/2019 by Edie

It keeps me busy and mindful of my posture.


Much better than a chair for my bad knee

4/2/2019 by Bookworm

Sitting in a chair for any length of time is murder on my arthritic knee. This stool really helps. I can actually sit and watch a movie now! I wish I’d had one of these when I was working in an office. (I’m retired.)

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The ErgoErgo Story

ErgoErgo | Active Sitting Stool

Active Sitting

This Made in the USA ergonomic stool keeps you active while sitting. It’s shaped like an accordion to encourage small movements, use your muscles, and reduce slouching.

By staying active, you boost your strength and flexibility. ErgoErgo challenges you to stay in an alert, upright position that helps your circulation, your breathing, and even your focus.

Traditional chairs give your core and back muscles a lot of support, which is why you tend to slouch. That causes the muscles to weaken and creates discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. With ErgoErgo, you’re shifting through a range of
small movements as you sit, strengthening, your body. And unlike traditional stability balls, this stool won’t roll away when you get up.

It’s a more active, healthier, cool-looking way to spend your time sitting down.
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