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Adult Active Sitting Stool

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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good but not great

3/19/2018 by Chris

I do like the design and function of this stool. It forces me to sit up straighter and I can actually exercise my lower back while at my desk. It's a bit too low for me so I wish there were a way to adjust the height. Plus, it's hard to move along the vinyl floor. I almost have to pick it up to move it even a little. I tried putting those little circular felt cushions around the bottom but it didn't help. If these things could be fixed I would give this product top ratings.


Not very comfortable

6/26/2019 by Susan

I don't know if it was too tall, but, I never could get comfortable with this stool. My husband is using it, and he likes it. I'm 5'3". He's 5'8". Taller is better here, I'm thinking.


Undecided since reading reviews

4/22/2019 by Sonja

Thinking of buying one, but after reading the reviews I am not sure. Not enough information from seller that is very important. I had to find out from reviews that you can inflate and deflate the stool. It is quite a bit of money to spend without complete information. That would be helpful.


It is what it is.

12/14/2018 by joanna

I love the color and appearance of this "chair." There are a few reasons for only three grommets instead of 5.

The sitting surface is hard, and is convex so when you sit on it, it either caves in or you feel like you might slide off.

You can't scoot it around like you can a normal chair so if you want to move it in toward your table, it's kind of awkward, ditto if you want to move out. I never realized how often I reposition my chair! Think about how you leave the table. You first scoot your chair backward, then stand up. Not so much with this one.

You can actually lose your balance on it and maybe fall off. I lost mine a couple of times already and I'm pretty well coordinated. I didn't fall, but I wouldn't recommend this to older customers, or to anyone who might have a balance or proprioception problem.

Having said that, it does do what it says it does. If you can get used to it, you will use muscles to stay on it that you don't use when sitting in a regular chair. That's always a good thing, especially if you sit a lot. It's also pretty sturdy. Sorry I can't give it a 5.


not enough give for me to feel comfortable

12/7/2018 by Carolyn

I wanted this to work, and it does work as a basic (backless) seat.

However, I was hoping for something that offered corrective reminding to sit up straight, use the core muscles, etc. That didn't happen for me.

It's fun and people liked the green one for some "pop" splash in a room. But I'll keep on hunting until I find the right ergonomic chair for my needs.


Missed the Mark

7/25/2018 by Penny

I so wanted to like this sitting stool. I think the largest stool was good for the size of the sitting surface but was bad for my height and the stool's compression flexibility. Had not thought about being non-roll-able and it is too bulky to pick up each time to re position. I could feel my abs working but comfort level for the above reason couldn't be over ridden.


Very interesting.

5/11/2018 by Gail

I like it but it is very stiff for a 77 year old. I wanted it for my back but it is not flexible enough so I will break it in gradually. hopefully it will get more flexible. Thank you !


Fantastic idea for alternative seating

4/22/2018 by Gina

While I really like it, I am unable to sit on it for more than 30 minutes.


My core likes it but my butt doesn't

4/22/2018 by Christian

Without question, the adult active sitting stool has improved my posture. The stool is great for 10-15 minutes at a time, but it's just uncomfortable enough that I have to get up every half hour or so to walk around. That's probably a good thing. The stool is made of hard plastic, so any "give" is based on how you inflate it. Especially in an office setting, I think the stool would benefit from some type of upholstered cover on the top. There are a few rough spots along the seam that I can feel when I'm wearing dress pants. My final comment is that the product is a little pricey for what you get; it would be a good deal at half the price.


Different from sitting on a ball

3/21/2018 by Doris

I'm taking a rest from using it. I like it and it seems a little tall. I'm a tall person but my computer desk does not adjust so I can't raise the monitor or keyboard/mouse. Trying to figure out what to do.

It does make me use my core muscles, which I like. It says it holds 250 lbs. I weigh quite a bit less than that (190) and yet the top caves in when I sit on it. I think I'm learning how to use it. I use it for periods of time & alternate with a chair.

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The ErgoErgo Story

ErgoErgo | Active Sitting Stool

Active Sitting

This Made in the USA ergonomic stool keeps you active while sitting. It’s shaped like an accordion to encourage small movements, use your muscles, and reduce slouching.

By staying active, you boost your strength and flexibility. ErgoErgo challenges you to stay in an alert, upright position that helps your circulation, your breathing, and even your focus.

Traditional chairs give your core and back muscles a lot of support, which is why you tend to slouch. That causes the muscles to weaken and creates discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. With ErgoErgo, you’re shifting through a range of
small movements as you sit, strengthening, your body. And unlike traditional stability balls, this stool won’t roll away when you get up.

It’s a more active, healthier, cool-looking way to spend your time sitting down.
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