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My core likes it but my butt doesn't

4/22/2018 by Christian

Without question, the adult active sitting stool has improved my posture. The stool is great for 10-15 minutes at a time, but it's just uncomfortable enough that I have to get up every half hour or so to walk around. That's probably a good thing. The stool is made of hard plastic, so any "give" is based on how you inflate it. Especially in an office setting, I think the stool would benefit from some type of upholstered cover on the top. There are a few rough spots along the seam that I can feel when I'm wearing dress pants. My final comment is that the product is a little pricey for what you get; it would be a good deal at half the price.


Different from sitting on a ball

3/21/2018 by Doris

I'm taking a rest from using it. I like it and it seems a little tall. I'm a tall person but my computer desk does not adjust so I can't raise the monitor or keyboard/mouse. Trying to figure out what to do.

It does make me use my core muscles, which I like. It says it holds 250 lbs. I weigh quite a bit less than that (190) and yet the top caves in when I sit on it. I think I'm learning how to use it. I use it for periods of time & alternate with a chair.


not really

5/4/2020 by Mia

I've returned to school and have to spend too much time in front of my laptop. My back was hurting a lot with the sitting so I gave this a try. Can't really say it solves the back problem plus it's really hot because it's plastic. More stable than I thought, though: not like a yoga ball. Might work for some but didn't for me.


Great stool BUT deflated at about 12 months!

3/16/2020 by Charlotte

I liked this stool so much I am ordering a second one but I am torn about the rating because of durability. I have had mine about a year and last week I found myself having to progressively lower my desk as my accordion stool deflated on me! The stopper in the base appears intact so I am not sure where the leak is from. Disappointing but willing to give it another try. I also agree with other reviewers about the need for padding!


Great idea but deflatingly disappointing

6/24/2018 by MCStro

I loved this seat concept, but anytime I use it for more than a few minutes, it starts to deflate and sinks in size and is unusable as a computer chair. It needs to be hand-pumped up again every time I use it. I weigh 150 lbs and this should handle that level of weight easily. Very upset I spent $100 on this for that poor quality.


Sitting stool not meant for long periods of sedentary tasks

3/21/2018 by Robert

Stool arrived ahead of schedule.. no directions as to how to inflate and what type of needle and or pump to use.. sitting at it does engage the core but the seat is in ncomfortable for long periods at the laptop.. will look for a better task seat..


Give it a hard pass.

4/2/2019 by Michael

I bought my ergo stool in June 2018. Now in April 2019 it leaks to the point of uselessness. The point of failure? The seam in the plastic that runs across the top of the seat has separated. This chair is definitely not durable, as mine has been treated very carefully and has still cracked. I would not recommend or purchase again.


Too short

2/13/2019 by Mark

The sitting stool was too short. I’m 6’3”


Chair does not hold air?

10/2/2018 by Rebecca

I bought this on Aug 27th of this year and after 1 months use it is sadly starting to deflate. I am not sure why because I have coworkers that have had theirs for years....


Practically unusable

9/5/2018 by Charles

I am old and lame, so my comments may not pertain to everyone, but I find that this "stool" is much too "soft" and wobbly for comfortable use. I was hoping for a seat that would hold its position until I changed my position, but this thing is more unstable when I am sitting on it than I can tolerate. It changes so quickly that I must steady myself by grasping my desk lest I fall off.

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The ErgoErgo Story

ErgoErgo | Active Sitting Stool

Active Sitting

This Made in the USA ergonomic stool keeps you active while sitting. It’s shaped like an accordion to encourage small movements, use your muscles, and reduce slouching.

By staying active, you boost your strength and flexibility. ErgoErgo challenges you to stay in an alert, upright position that helps your circulation, your breathing, and even your focus.

Traditional chairs give your core and back muscles a lot of support, which is why you tend to slouch. That causes the muscles to weaken and creates discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. With ErgoErgo, you’re shifting through a range of
small movements as you sit, strengthening, your body. And unlike traditional stability balls, this stool won’t roll away when you get up.

It’s a more active, healthier, cool-looking way to spend your time sitting down.
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