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Love it

12/28/2018 by Amy

Comfy chair for the active kiddo! This chair was perfect except I returned it for the larger adult size for my 8 year old. If it’s being used for a kid sized table it would have worked. Can’t wait for the adult sized one to arrive!


Loved in Resource

12/1/2018 by nancy

I put this one in the mid grades resource classroom as a trial of adapted seating, and one of the kids won't sit or work without it. He even hauls it around the room to each work station to sit on for that unit. He demonstrated a seating technique that I had never seen before, and I kept waiting for him to fall off on his bum, but he managed to stay on and rock without losing his balance or the stool. Now to figure out how to get one ordered for him that the school will pay for.....



12/29/2018 by Susan

This Kids stool is meant to be used with a kid-sized table. I was looking for a chair for my son's desk and thought this could work great but it's too short for his desk height of 30". This is a cool idea but the design requires that the person's feet touch the floor. My son is too short for the adult size stool that would be the appropriate height for his desk, but the kid stool is too short for his desk. We're in-between. Just be aware.


little disappointed

9/8/2020 by Denise

Love the concept of this however it was too short for the desk height and I thought it would have more bounce. I bought it for my son who has a lot of energy and can't sit long but without the bounce in it, it didn't really work for us.

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The ErgoErgo Story

ErgoErgo | Active Sitting Stool

Active Sitting

This Made in the USA ergonomic stool keeps you active while sitting. It’s shaped like an accordion to encourage small movements, use your muscles, and reduce slouching.

By staying active, you boost your strength and flexibility. ErgoErgo challenges you to stay in an alert, upright position that helps your circulation, your breathing, and even your focus.

Traditional chairs give your core and back muscles a lot of support, which is why you tend to slouch. That causes the muscles to weaken and creates discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. With ErgoErgo, you’re shifting through a range of
small movements as you sit, strengthening, your body. And unlike traditional stability balls, this stool won’t roll away when you get up.

It’s a more active, healthier, cool-looking way to spend your time sitting down.
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