Lead Mate

Ergonomic Leash Grip

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Gift to son

7/13/2018 by Deborah

He owns a powerful English bull terrier. It has eased the grip on the leash. If our son, a fussy guy, approves....it’s a winner.


Doggone Handy!

4/15/2018 by Elisa

This Lead Mate is really got a grip on my idea of dog control. As a breeder and a long time dog owner I hate to see someone with a leash wrapped around their hands. This can lead to actually being hurt if you dog would happen to lunge after something and pull you down before you ever realize it. Lead Mate is also very good because of its comfort. Those retractable leads are not good because I see to many people allowing their dog to walk their humans; it is not a good way to have your dog in the proper "heel" position. Lead Mate makes it easy and comfortable to hold the leash while being safe and in proper control of your dog at all times. We breed Silken Windhounds who are always interested in trying to chase a wayward squirrel but with Lead Mate it is easy to hold onto your dog no matter if you're a child or an older adult who might have an arthritic hand. I say, "Get a Grip" on your dog or any animal you might lead with Lead Mate.


durable material

1/3/2018 by Paula

I was able to stop my puppy from pulling me down the street.


Useful device

12/30/2017 by Jenifer

Bought a pair of these to use on horse riding reins for someone with arthritis. Nice packaging and quality. A little tricky to align threads when twisting together but once started easy to tighten.


Thank you!

10/21/2017 by Jane W.

A friend bought me this to help with my arthritis and I must say it has literally changed my life! I use it daily and am able to easily and confidently walk my dog, where before it was a painful struggle. The shape fits snuggly in your hand and even though it is made of hard, durable plastic, it feels completely natural and comfortable. Thank you!


This us my second one

2/10/2017 by Marian

Hello. I've purchased this twice now for my larger dog. Having osteoporosis and back surgery I can't afford to fall down anymore when my beloved best friend sees some she adores and has to run to...she's a golden retriever who falls uncontrollably head over flip flop for people. This gadget, to my surprise, helps me a lot in controlling her ! It's difficult to say how but I place it strtigically at the ideal length (for me) and it's easy to cup in my hands. FAR better than the leash itself !



1/15/2017 by Jimi

This was an excellent purchase. Makes walking our dog on the leash so convenient and comfortable!


LOVE, LOVE this!!!

1/3/2017 by Boop

Have a German Shepard 9 month old puppy and the leash kept burning my hand. This has been a life changer!!! I even recommended it to my dog trainer. During training lesson I told everyone about the grip. This is great for those larger dogs that like to drag you on walks :-)


Lead Mate works great!

10/18/2016 by Jeana

I have a 75-pound Choc Lab that tended to pull and tug on her leash which was very uncomfortable for my hand if I had any excess length wrapped around my hand. With the Lead Mate placed further down the leash, I'm able to comfortably take my dog for a walk without the excess leash wrapped around my hand. The Lead Mate is very comfortable to hold and makes a walk with my dog much more pleasant. Very useful!


No more leash burn!

10/7/2016 by Terri

I wish I would have thought of this. I love this grip. I would wrap my wrist and forearm up with extra lease to give me control. Ouch...Now i just hold the grip and let excess dangle satefy. I am now in control of my very excitable black lab. My dog also think there is a toy so he is easier to keep moving!

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The Lead Mate Story

Does your dog follow your lead?

Heel Your Dog

This ergonomic leash grip gives you a secure, comfortable handle to walk your dog.

Lead Mate is a sphere that fastens to the fabric of your leash, letting you hold on where is best for you—without wrapping the leash around your hand or knotting it.

You’ll avert rope burns and wrist strain, while you teach your dog good habits. Lead Mate gives you more control so that you have to do less pulling on the leash.

Made from recycled plastic, it’s lightweight and easy to reposition when different people want to man the leash. This gives the whole family a good, hazard-free grip on the dog.

Maker Jaan
Hurditch reengineered the leash knot to a simpler, sleeker sphere that feels secure and doesn’t hurt. Read More Read Less