Lead Mate

Ergonomic Leash Grip

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Really helpful!!

10/6/2016 by Laraine

This makes it so much easier to walk my dog, Daisy, because she tends to pull a lot!! Great for hand exercise!! Really great for control!!


It works great!

9/15/2016 by Jacque

I had a chance to use the Lead Mate for the first time today. It worked perfectly! And was very easy to put on the leash. I have never been able to control my Rottweiler before this. I had to take her to the vet, and before, I always asked my husband to do it. Now I can do it all by myself, with no apprehension at all. Thank you so much! This is a great product and I am recommending it to everyone!


Gave this to son as gift.

9/14/2016 by Lisa

This was a gift to my son whos dog sometimes needs a little nudge on walking properly. He mentioned it works as promised, great addition to the leash if you do not want to use the leashes that retracts.


Amazingly simple and Effective!

9/13/2016 by Linda

This little gadget save my knees and back from the pulling of my rescue dog. I have much better contro of the leash now. My dog now heels when I use this. Amazing how si,ple yet effective this tool Is!


Great tool!!

9/12/2016 by Lydia

This is great for walks with my german shepherd. The leash I have has a loop for close walking but is almost too restricting. This allows me to adjust my grip for the perfect length. It also makes holding the leash much more comfortable. I love knowing I can be in control lf my dog without having to wrap the leash around my hand.


So comfortable and easy!

9/11/2016 by Samantha

I love this product and have gotten so many compliments on it since I put it on my leash. Our trainers always told us not to wrap the leash around our hand but I could never seem to get enough leverage when walking our dog unless I did so. This solves that problem so easily and my boyfriend loves how easy it is to adjust and how comfortably it fits in his hand. I already bought one for a friend and will probably be getting a couple more come Christmas-time!



9/9/2016 by Mary Lou

Great! I am a senior who just recently adopted a 2 year old 66 pound pit bull mix. A more loving dog but has the strength of an alligator and this works wonders. He can pull but I do not gat pulled with him. To the person who thought of this Good Job!!!


Works Great! Really helps with my pup.

9/9/2016 by Lisa

Love this Leash Grip. I have very stiff hands and I was wrapping the end of the leash around my hand to help control my pup, who absolutely loves walks. I don't have to wrap the leash any longer and the grip is so easy to hold on to. Thank you!! Our dog walks are such a pleasure now!



10/19/2016 by Roger

Gift. Reciprient likes it.


Works just OK

6/29/2017 by Robin

The idea is great, and it truly is comfortable to hold, but when the dog pulls super hard, the "ball" slips to the top of the leash, instead of staying put where it is (in the middle of the leash). Overall it's fine though. Nothing super spectacular, but it does what it says.

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The Lead Mate Story

Does your dog follow your lead?

Heel Your Dog

This ergonomic leash grip gives you a secure, comfortable handle to walk your dog.

Lead Mate is a sphere that fastens to the fabric of your leash, letting you hold on where is best for you—without wrapping the leash around your hand or knotting it.

You’ll avert rope burns and wrist strain, while you teach your dog good habits. Lead Mate gives you more control so that you have to do less pulling on the leash.

Made from recycled plastic, it’s lightweight and easy to reposition when different people want to man the leash. This gives the whole family a good, hazard-free grip on the dog.

Maker Jaan
Hurditch reengineered the leash knot to a simpler, sleeker sphere that feels secure and doesn’t hurt. Read More Read Less