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Deodorizers + Dehumidifiers Starter Kit Case of 24

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Great Product

10/29/2014 by Susan

seamless and quick delivery. wonderful product that I would recommend to friends and family.


Bought to enunciate cat litter cloud.

9/10/2014 by Sara

And it totally worked within a day!
Will be buying more.


It really works

9/1/2014 by Deborah

I sell vintage fabric items and books. Many have been packed away for years, some since the 1960's. I used these bamboo sachets in a tub with new, unused tea towels which were packed away in the 1960's. I did not want to wash them and destroy the paper label, sizing and folds which were all original, yet they smelled awful. I left them in the tub for a month or so, and just took them out the other day. They smell great. Thank you for a product which works and can be renewed.


Love this!!!

8/2/2014 by Tammy



Pets, musty smells and shoes

7/17/2014 by Kim

I have used a large deodorizer in a patio room that contains my cats' litter box for a year now. While it doesn't completely mask the order, it certainly helps. So much so that I will continue using it in there. More recently, I ordered some small deodorizers for an area with a musty smells and for a closet with a lot of shoes. I also used one in my dirty clothes hamper. It has helped immensely in all three area. I liked the product enough that I gave the small deodorizers as stocking stuffers last Christmas.


Bamboo Charcoal is the way to go

6/2/2014 by Betty

I am very happy with this product. It doesn't smell, it doesn't make noise and it works on the smells. What else could anyone ever ask for. I'm going to purchase more so I can get one for each room of this apartment. So very very happy that Grommet featured this item.



5/7/2014 by Nancy

Love these. Put them in shoes and they seem fresh as new the next day.


Great product!!!

4/30/2014 by Paula

I like to put them into my laundry basket because I foster cats and their beds and the pads I use for my slightly incontinent kitty. They really cut the odor and so the house doesn’t smell bad. Great product!!!


Wonderful Product

4/25/2014 by Carol

This is a great product!


So far so good!

4/22/2014 by Angelina

My tennis shoes were new, but noticed certain socks would leave a less than desirable odor. So far these inserts have kept it at bay!

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The Ever Bamboo Story

Ever Bamboo  - Natural Charcoal Deodorizer

Nature's Deodorizer + Dehumidifier

Ever Bamboo charcoal sachets are an all-natural, eco-friendly deodorizer. Bamboo charcoal has an incredibly porous structure that absorbs odors and moisture. It also deters moths, prevents mold buildup, and keeps linens and clothing fresh. Use the sachets in pet areas, basements, closets, lockers, gym bags, shoes, boots, helmets and more.

Bamboo is a renewable resource because it grows so quickly. The Moso bamboo plant used to make Ever Bamboo grows two feet or more in a single day.

These powerful charcoal packs remain effective for an entire year. And you can recharge them during that time,
if needed. Put them out in the sun for a few hours to release any absorbed odors and moisture.

And adding to the environmentally-minded benefits, when the charcoal is finished fighting odor, put the pieces in your garden or potting soil. It will deter pests and absorb excessive moisture.
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