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These are great!

8/8/2013 by Alan

Bought a new bedroom set and the drawers had that funky stained wood smell from the cabinet shop that made all of my shirts have a chemical oder.

These deodorizers are just awesome and I highly recommend them!


The Ever Bamboo 3 Mini Deodorizers

6/29/2013 by Nanny

Perfect for that same person that has the knack of really "not so sweet" smelling sneakers!


So far so good.

6/5/2019 by Bonnie

I placed a bag near where my little dog uses her pad and so far it has worked very very well. Also when I come home and open the door the house smells fresh with no odor at all so it is doing a very good job.


Very good.

6/17/2017 by Nancy

These are working well in closets, especially those that hold shoes & boots. Good to drop in large storage bags as well.


It works

10/21/2016 by Loren

I was somewhat skeptical about the product but I thought for the price it was worth a shot. I'm pleased to report that they work very well, albeit in smaller spaces.


we have two cat pans

6/21/2016 by Katherine

I wanted it for that but also for my shoes in my hospital locker. My feet sweat alot so I needed something to help overnight. It does help neutralize the stinky shoes problem. Thanks.


Too early to tell

6/17/2015 by Shalley

It is a little too early to tell but I think that I am going to love them in the long run. My only thought is that I did not realize that the bigger packs would not refresh a whole room. That said, they are so economical that purchasing more will not break the bank. ; - )


Jury still out

10/1/2018 by Jacquelyn

Jury still out have not hard enough sum to activate according to directions.


Not a noticeable difference

11/20/2016 by Sharon

I did not notice a difference in the smell of areas I put these.



10/21/2016 by Dennis

I used three of these (the package) in a small bath that houses the cat box that we clean every day at least once every day. They don't do a thing for that tiny room. Sit on top a bureau that smells bad and it still smells bad. Maybe good for shoes and I would think it may work. Not worth it for my needs. Wasted money. Sorry the truth hurts

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The Ever Bamboo Story

Ever Bamboo  - Natural Charcoal Deodorizer

Nature's Deodorizer + Dehumidifier

Ever Bamboo charcoal sachets are an all-natural, eco-friendly deodorizer. Bamboo charcoal has an incredibly porous structure that absorbs odors and moisture. It also deters moths, prevents mold buildup, and keeps linens and clothing fresh. Use the sachets in pet areas, basements, closets, lockers, gym bags, shoes, boots, helmets and more.

Bamboo is a renewable resource because it grows so quickly. The Moso bamboo plant used to make Ever Bamboo grows two feet or more in a single day.

These powerful charcoal packs remain effective for an entire year. And you can recharge them during that time,
if needed. Put them out in the sun for a few hours to release any absorbed odors and moisture.

And adding to the environmentally-minded benefits, when the charcoal is finished fighting odor, put the pieces in your garden or potting soil. It will deter pests and absorb excessive moisture.
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