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Not what she wanted.

7/27/2018 by Winston

I bought this for my wife who likes to go without a wallet or a purse. This case however did meet our expectations. It holds the phone well, stays closed, and appears to be well made. It has a money clip inside so it will hold cash and some cards but the way my wife wanted it. I use a front pocket wallet and am picky, so I understood her melancholy feel for it. The only other negative was the charging issue. It does not simply charge in the case. We don’t have apple cords so maybe it works with those. Eyrn was awesome about the return. Again well made, and company was great. Just not our cup of tea


Mine broke and I don't see a way to get a replacement

1/29/2016 by Linda

The little piece that holds on the bottom just broke off. Bummed because this wasn't exactly cheap. If someone wants to rectify this they can email me at [email protected]


Great, but needs work

6/30/2015 by Erica

I really like the convenience of having a protector for the phone and a place for my money and cards, but the only thing I don't like about it is that the back of the case is so smooth that it slides around on surfaces too easily. It needs to have a rougher back so that the phone will be secured and not slide off car seats and counters or other smooth surfaces.


Iphone plus 6

4/22/2015 by Cyd

It's ok. It would be nice if different color/designs were available.



6/5/2017 by Bobbie

I would LOVE this except it covers up part of my camera and I have to take it out of the case to take pictures. :(



12/18/2016 by Heather

The pros: the case is protective. I have dropped my phone several times, with no harm done. The cons: after only three months, the coating is wearing off; once on the phone it is very hard to get off; and it does not hold a key of any size. I would NOT buy again.


Great in Theory

11/23/2016 by Susan

While his case was great in theory, I have to say it is one of my most disappointing purchases from The Grommet. While the wallet part of it works great, the phone case really isn't designed for anyone who is active or uses their phone for more than...well...just being a phone. Do not expect to EVER use your headphone jack in the phone. Even the standard jack doesn't give a secure connection. It will work, just not perfectly.

While this is a minor issue, it isn't what made me eventually give up the case itself. Over time, the money clip/card holder part of the phone was not wanting to hold cards (after two months) and seemed to no longer hold 2 card UNLESS it almost jammed pack. I normally only carried 1 credit card, 1 debit card, my drivers license, and my insurance card in case of emergencies. I eventually just tossed the case in the trash when it would no longer even close properly. While other cases in the line may be great, I do not recommend it at all for the 6S Plus.


Not for me

10/24/2016 by Shauna

I expected this case to be bulkier than normal, however, it turns out way bulkier than I thought. 6 plus is already a larger phone, with this case, I can barely hold the phone comfortably to type. I can work with the bulk and use this case for incidental occasions. What is the one biggest designing flaw is the difficulty to reach all the control buttons on the side of the phone. I have to really squeeze my finger tip in between the plastic to get to it, and I have smallish hands. I can't imagine someone with fat fingers. I am keeping the case because I'm just too lazy to go through the returning process, but I will not recommend this product to friends and family.


Handy but not durable

10/10/2017 by Frances

I really liked being able to carry my driver's license, a credit card, and a folded bill and have it feel secure. I also liked the texture of the turquoise case because it was easy to grip when I was reading a book on my Kindle app. However, the bottom hinge broke after less than 10 months of use. I tried gluing it back, but after a couple of days, it broke in a new spot around where I had glued it. Manufacturer does not guarantee its cases; I'm going back to OtterBox -- those cases outlast my phones.


Awful product

4/30/2017 by Susan

I would give this zero stars if I was able too! Item is clunky to open and close, and more importantly, the opening for the charging port at the bottom is so badly designed that my phone charger does not fit (an apple manufactured charger). I purchased two of these and will be returned. Unfortunately will have to eat the expense of one of these items as in haste, discarded the box when it arrived yesterday. Please don't waste your money on this item......good idea, extremely bad execution.

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The eyn Story

EYN - iPhone storage case

Multipurpose Minimalism

Some days you just don’t feel like lugging a big purse. For those times you want to travel light, Linda Connolly created an iPhone case with secure storage for the essentials—ID, credit cards, and cash. There’s a wristlet strap for hands-free carrying and a built-in mirror to check your reflection.

Linda came up with the idea after a trip to Mexico, where she wanted to carry the bare minimum and didn’t want to be weighed down by a big bag. She set out to create a hinged phone case with space for everything you need when you’re running errands, grabbing coffee, or walking around town. That goal
inspired the product name: eyn, which is pronounced “n” and stands for “everything you need.”

Eyn is streamlined and stylish, and it holds your essentials without putting them on display. It’s a minimalist solution for maximum efficiency.
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