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iPhone 6 Plus Sample

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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I love these cases this is the best case for the IPhone bar none

11/5/2016 by Cherry

This is a very nice reliable your coffee company I love making purchases from you


Great product

10/7/2016 by Cathy

Way better protection for my phone and the wallet part is great.


Works well

10/3/2016 by Teri

This works well. I did think that given the larger size of my phone that I would be able to lay my money flat but I still needed to fold the bills. It is great to use when going to a sporting event where you have to stand in line if you have a purse.


Love this case, mirror not so much

9/28/2016 by Diana

This case is great! It is beautiful and sturdy. I can store my money and credit cards with no fear of slipping out.
The only downside is that the mirror is not functional as it is spotted and hazy.
Overall I love this product.



7/18/2016 by Lori

I love this phone case!! love the mirror, the way I can stand my phone upright now, the color!! Love everything about it!


favorite case

3/2/2016 by RoAnne

An especially fat speaker cable that I use occasionally use is so bulky that the plug won't fit into the jack of my iphone without removing the bottom part of the EYN case. Not a big problem for me but slightly annoying when I must use that particular cable. After using the case happily for several months, a tiny piece broke off the bottom so I immediately ordered a new one because the case is utterly fabulous. As I waited for delivery, I noticed that the broken case still functions perfectly, doesn't look broken--no jagged edges AND...bonus, the fat cable fits without dismantling the case. (Maybe a slight alteration in design would be good.) So, I haven't yet started using my new case because the old one works better than it did before it broke!
This case is perfect for me--my lifestyle does not require that I walk around with a full complement of cards and cash, so I use the case as a billfold. It securely holds the credit card, drivers license and 2-3 other things I need on a daily basis. It is attractive and lightweight.


Holds everything I need

2/25/2016 by Roger

OK, I feel I need to clarity that this useful case is just not for the ladies, regardless of the mirror. I used to carry both my wallet and cell phone, both in pockets of my pants/jeans. I had to track and find these two items when leaving the house. When I saw this case I thought "Hmm, possibly one item replacing two". Well, I ordered one for my iPhone 5s about 2 years ago and found it to be very handy. Trying to put in all my required "stuff" was a little tight, but it was workable. I graduated to the 6sPlus and once again ordered a case for that configuration/size cell. I found that it was much easier to put my stuff in it (6 cards; 2-insur. cards, 2 credit cards, license. & and ARPP card + $22cash). The pressure plate was not as tight as previous case. The only negative issue is if you lose the phone, your whole life is in one place. so, be careful. I like it...a lot! Gus, don't worry about the mirror. Be comfortable in your own skin. LOL!


Love this!

12/19/2015 by Maria

This case is all I need when I travel now. With my boarding pass on the phone and my ID inside the case, I no longer worry about losing my drivers license after security.


Even better thank expected - a must buy!!!

12/8/2015 by Anita

Have been dreaming of a phone case like this for years. Could be good to get multiple colors. Works like a dream and is very slim. Beautifully designed. It arrived tonight and am super excited about it. Will never drop my phone again, hopefully...or less likely to have it stolen. Thank you, absolutely love this phone case!!! Brilliant work!!!



11/29/2015 by Kathi

Eases handle of phone allowing for carrying money and ID with no problem. Great item

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The eyn Story

EYN - iPhone storage case

Multipurpose Minimalism

Some days you just don’t feel like lugging a big purse. For those times you want to travel light, Linda Connolly created an iPhone case with secure storage for the essentials—ID, credit cards, and cash. There’s a wristlet strap for hands-free carrying and a built-in mirror to check your reflection.

Linda came up with the idea after a trip to Mexico, where she wanted to carry the bare minimum and didn’t want to be weighed down by a big bag. She set out to create a hinged phone case with space for everything you need when you’re running errands, grabbing coffee, or walking around town. That goal
inspired the product name: eyn, which is pronounced “n” and stands for “everything you need.”

Eyn is streamlined and stylish, and it holds your essentials without putting them on display. It’s a minimalist solution for maximum efficiency.
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