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8/18/2016 by Suzanne

I purchased two of these for myself last year, one for my purse and one I keep in my suitcase. It works better than any other portable lint remover that I have ever used and with three cats, I have tried all kinds for over 20 years. I recently bought a bunch to give as gifts. I can't wait.


Love this item!

6/20/2016 by Barbaa

Perfect size lint lifter for my purses. Gave them as gifts and everyone loves them. They pick up more than the standard lint lifter.


So handy

3/16/2016 by Sarah

So handy! Doesn't get stuck to everything in my purse because it's retractable and doesn't take up much space either.


I gave one to my daughter and one for myself and one in reserve. Love it.

1/24/2016 by Karen

I think it's great, that I can put in my purse and take it with me. We have a yellow lab that sheds terrible. I leave the house thinking I've got it all off my clothes, and there is always more hair. My daughter calls it "Hanks Love" it goes with us where ever we go. And thanks to the Flint, we can get rid of it.
A happy customer.


love it!

1/20/2016 by laurie

I passed this out to my animal loving family members...they seem to think it is helpful


A Must Have

1/20/2016 by michelle

Great product! We have a golden retriever and this item is essential for both my husband and myself. Fits in purse, briefcase, desk drawer, car glove box, etc. Be sure to order refills!



1/19/2016 by Janet

I keep it in my purse and the sticky side stays protected.


Very adhesive

2/10/2016 by Brittany

I was afraid it was just going to work so-so, but I was wrong. It is just as good if not better than the big rollers I buy at the store!! The tape can be a little tricky to tear off or else it is fantastic. We have dogs and cats and it definitely comes in handy!


Doesn't work well

5/17/2017 by Jeanne

I expected this to really get the cat hair off of my clothes. It didn't.


I want to love this, but....

10/26/2016 by Bonita Sanchez

Yes, it small, fits in my tote, is sticky but it's falling apart every time I use it! Does'nt seem to snap, click or otherwise stay in the holder. Falls out and onto the floor-more cat hair! I honestly want to love this, but wonder....did I get a defective holder/set? I bought the one with extra refills! HELP ME!

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The F'lint Story

No lint left behind.

Later, Lint

F’lint is a retractable lint roller with a modern, colorful design. It’s compact enough for travel or to simply stash in your everyday bag. In fact, this all-in-one roller and case is so sleek and minimal, you might not even know what it is at first glance.

Founder Daniel Woolman solved the issue of lint rollers that are too bulky for travel, sheets that dry out, and that often get tossed out instead of refilled.

With F’lint, twist the base to reveal the retractable roller, then pop it back in when you’re done. The sticky sheets are protected inside the case so all of that lint-grabbing
goodness stays sticky until the next time. When you run out of sheets, it’s easy to refill F’lint, too.

This handy little roller makes it easy to look neat wherever you are.
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