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Love these

7/20/2020 by Karen

These work so well that I bougbt some for each of my five susters. No longer buying neutrogena make-up remover pads


Great product

4/5/2020 by Lauren

I keep buying them as gifts. they really do remove all make-up and dirt with just water. I then use my lavender soap to immediately clean off all the dirt and make up from the cloth under hot water and then put it on my face to enjoy the lavender


Best way to remove makeup

8/26/2019 by Julie

I just love the make up remover cloth because it soft on my face and I like not using any chemicals. It saves me a lot of money too.


It gets off the makeup.

6/26/2019 by Susie

It was good at removing the makeup and for the most part rinsed clean with just some soap. It's pretty easy to use and I like it for travel so I don't have to throw away single use makeup removers.


fantastic cloth

2/24/2019 by Susan

This is the best face cloth I've ever used. I have very sensitive skin and it's quite gentle. I'll be purchasing more.


Best makeup remover

2/23/2019 by Julie

I just can't believe how wonderful this face cloth is and removes make up. I don't ever have to buy any of those disposable face cloths again.


I’m Amazed

10/19/2018 by Stylish Abby

I cleaned my face with my usual (too expensive) make up remover and then, just for the heck of it, used this cloth. I was astonished to see how much make up was left on my face after the initial cleansing. This cloth is soft on my skin and cleans up easily after use with just soap and warm water.


Actually works!

7/27/2018 by Christina

Keeps my face clean when I don’t feel like doing the whole face cleaning regimen. Works better than the store bought face wipes.



7/26/2018 by Angela

Works like a charm!


So..Love This!

7/26/2018 by Janeene

This cloth makes cleaning your face a Breeze! Just wipe, moisturize and Go! Just that Easy! I Love these cloths so well, that I Now have two of them and also bought my BFF one too. She Loves it!

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The FaceOff Story

This cloth will change your face.

Fresh Face

Freshen up and wick off the dirt, grime, and oil from the day with just water and this makeup remover cloth.

Its thin-as-hair microfiber weave cleans your pores after a quick dip in warm water. The cloth isn’t treated with soap or other substances, which makes it extra harmless on sensitive skin and sensitive areas of your face (think: mascara-coated lashes).

FaceOff is eco-friendlier, too. You’re not throwing out makeup wipes after a single run. Once the dirt is off your face and on the cloth, wash it off with soapy water, then rinse. It all comes right off and your cloth goes back to its
original, super-white form.

Maker Adine Binder knows the perils of face cleansing all too well. She struggled with acne and breakouts into adulthood and wanted a straightforward, soft solution. She distilled it to a single, dependable ingredient: water.

Thoroughly wipe off the day’s grime with something portable, super-soft, and gentle on your skin.
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