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Great makeup rmoving cloth

12/28/2017 by Karen

Very soft yet gently exfoliates the skin... Leaves face feeling soft and refreshed



12/28/2017 by Carol

This cloth
is the best!! Every speck of makeup comes off with warm water.....foundation, mascara, and blush. So happy I bought 2 of them.


Skin feels so smooth

12/28/2017 by Elayne

My granddaughters ere so excited to received these for Christmas. I bought one for myself and feel it is a very good product. My skin feels so smooth,


A miracle!!!

11/12/2017 by Susan

This is the most amazing product I've ever come across. I wear a lot of makeup, especially mascara. For most of my adult life (and I'm about to turn 70) I've used cold cream or cleansing milk and kleenex to take my eye makeup and face makeup off. Kleenex is hard on the skin but what choice did I have? Until this winner. My bff, also my age, told me about it and I got it on her recommendation. Now I have multiple ones, including for traveling. No more having to figure out how to pack cleansing milk that would ooze out of its container midair. I don't know how this cloth does it, but with gentle pressure and warm water all my makeup comes off so easily. And then you wash it with a little soap and water to get the black from the mascara out and voila! Ready for the next day. And it exfoliates gently. It's the best invention ever.


It Really Works

10/16/2017 by ROBERTA

The makeup removing cloth really works. No more need for cold cream first. It's easy on my skin and easy to use and removes all of my makeup, even mascara and lipstick. After going over my skin with the wet cloth two times (using the front side and back side of the cloth), I wash it out with my regular body soap (artisinal, natural hand made soap) to remove the makeup from the cloth. It comes clean quickly and easily. By the third pass over my face, the cloth remains clean with no makeup on it, my cue that all of the makeup is off. It takes a while to line dry, so I alternate between two cloths so that I begin with a dry cloth each day. Great product. Thanks to the manufacturer and creator.


Works Great

10/10/2017 by Amy

This cloth is amazing. It does everything they say it does. It takes makeup off so quickly with only water and then cleans up nicely afterwards. It dries fast too. I would recommend this to anyone.



10/9/2017 by Karen

Yes, I am still surprised at how well this works. I use no soap at all. I wet my face and cloth and it expertly takes off all makeup and exfoliates! No longer need or use my Clairasonic..so easy and no soap film or dryness. No more wondering which soap is best for my aging skin. I love this cloth and will purchase more!



9/29/2017 by Julia

Love this face cloth. I need to buy more,



9/21/2017 by Denise

This cloth is absolutely incredible! It does everything they claim and then some! I use a little oil on my eyelashes then just warm water and this magic cloth! Zip and make up's gone! All you do then is rinse the cloth in warm water (I use a little hand soap) wring it out well and hang it up by the loop on the corner! I have never bought a product that I love this much.


Nice compliment to easy cleaning

9/20/2017 by Joyceline

This cloth helps my face cleaning with ease!

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The FaceOff Story

This cloth will change your face.

Fresh Face

Freshen up and wick off the dirt, grime, and oil from the day with just water and this makeup remover cloth.

Its thin-as-hair microfiber weave cleans your pores after a quick dip in warm water. The cloth isn’t treated with soap or other substances, which makes it extra harmless on sensitive skin and sensitive areas of your face (think: mascara-coated lashes).

FaceOff is eco-friendlier, too. You’re not throwing out makeup wipes after a single run. Once the dirt is off your face and on the cloth, wash it off with soapy water, then rinse. It all comes right off and your cloth goes back to its
original, super-white form.

Maker Adine Binder knows the perils of face cleansing all too well. She struggled with acne and breakouts into adulthood and wanted a straightforward, soft solution. She distilled it to a single, dependable ingredient: water.

Thoroughly wipe off the day’s grime with something portable, super-soft, and gentle on your skin.
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