Fairy Fastener

Bracelet and Necklace Starter Kit with Free Display Case of 24

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Love it!

10/14/2016 by jerrine

After suffering a stroke I have lost use of my left arm making putting on necklaces impossible. The fairy fastenerallows me to put on my necklace without relying on my husband for help. Just another piece of the puzzle toward my independence!
Very good quality too! ThAnks Gromme!


Awesome Clasp!

10/4/2016 by Jane

I now have 4 of these gems. They save a lot of time in the morning struggling to clasp the regular way. I am going to buy a couple more and also buy them for Christmas gifts.

Love them!


Love it!

10/3/2016 by Susan

The Fairy Fastener is just what I needed to fasten a delicate necklace easily and securely. And it's so pretty!



9/22/2016 by Lou

I ordered two silver and two gold magnetic clasps. One had to be returned as it just would not hold together. I returned it and Gromet refunded the purchase satisfactorily. I have one of these clasps on an expensive, irreplaceable necklace. I worried the first time I wore it, but it was fine. I like the flat decorative heart clasp. This design is light weight and stays at the back, but should it slide around front it is pretty, unlike other magnetic clasps I have. If I continue to be happy as I use these fasteners, I will likely order some as gifts.


great product

9/9/2016 by donna

Looks nice and is easy to close



9/1/2016 by Mary

I bought these Fairy Fasteners, one in each color, because due to a bad arm I can't reach my necklaces too connect them. This way I put this fastener on and I can easily put my own necklace on,



8/31/2016 by Linda

This works very good I wear it with different necklaces and it holds and doesn't come apart I am very satisfied



8/8/2016 by Annette

This is so helpful for a 54 or old woman with fingers that don't work like they use to



7/22/2016 by Emma

really like would like to have more, but too expensive


Great clasp!

7/19/2016 by Janet A

This is a great clasp, it stays on well and is easy to unclasp or clasp. Best one I have found, I have tried others but this is by far the best!!~

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The Fairy Fastener Story

Put a bracelet on yourself—without swearing.

Bracelet Yourself

Triplets Terri, Rhonda, and Lou put their identical problem-solving heads together to solve an everyday issue—how to put on necklaces and bracelets all by yourself.

These entrepreneurial ladies call themselves the Fairies—and their jewelry clasp helpers Fairy Fasteners. The Bracelet Fairy acts like an extension of your hand as it holds the bracelet firmly in place so you can secure the clasp with your free hand. Its ergonomic shape is weighted and fits comfortably in your palm.

The Necklace Fairy is just as helpful. Clip it onto your necklace, and now the heart-shaped fastener acts like a
magnetic clasp that is much easier to open and close. Internal pins help keep it shut, but it re-opens with a twist.

Thanks to the fairies—and their tools—putting on your favorite jewelry is as easy as waving a wand.
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