Fairy Fastener

Bracelet and Necklace Starter Kit with Free Display Case of 24

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Bought this for my wife

7/19/2016 by Anthony

As we get older, the eyes get weaker as does our dexterity. My wife is always asking me to help with her necklace clasps. When I saw this nifty little gadget, I knew it would make things easier. She liked it so much, she bought herself another one in silver. And now, I don't have to struggle with her clasps any more.


Love this!

7/19/2016 by Shannon

I bought this clasp attachment for my elderly mother. I had given her a necklace for her birthday but she could only wear it if someone else was around to help her get the tiny clasp secured for her. I gave her this and now she wears her special necklace all the time. The magnet is strong and secure and it looks pretty too.


I can now wear a favorite necklace again.

7/18/2016 by Judith

It used to be such a hassle to work the clasp on a favorite necklace that I had stopped wearing it. By adding this magnetic clasp I can now put it on and take it off quickly and easily.


So easy and practical

7/16/2016 by Janis

I love this fastener. It's so much easier. I ordered it in silver and gold. I definitely recommend it.


Works with class

7/16/2016 by Patsie

Bought 2 one silver and one gold , attaching is easy but the easiest is after necklace is attached the clasp magnet grabs both together. No more trying to clasp for ever. Love them on my short necklaces.


Love this!

7/16/2016 by Anne

I can't begin to describe how much time and headaches this saves me. And it's pretty too.


Love this!

7/16/2016 by Anne

I can't begin to describe how much time and headache this little invention saves me. It's also very pretty.


Looks good and works well

7/15/2016 by Dennis

The necklace with which this is paired is filigreed gold. I was concerned that this clasp would be mismatched or that its magnet would be insecure. Neither of these concerns proved to be valid. This is a very cleverly designed item, and I'm happy that I took a chance on it.


Love it, easy to use and pretty too.

7/14/2016 by deb

The Fairy Fastener is a beautiful piece of jewelry on its own. I bought it for my Mom who has severe arthritis in her hands. She was struggling everyday to get her cross necklace on. This works great for her. I had seen other magnetic fasteners but they were ugly and seemed cheap. This is a solid sturdy piece.



7/13/2016 by Paula

Makes my life so much easier! I live alone and now I can wear my necklace! Thanks!

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The Fairy Fastener Story

Put a bracelet on yourself—without swearing.

Bracelet Yourself

Triplets Terri, Rhonda, and Lou put their identical problem-solving heads together to solve an everyday issue—how to put on necklaces and bracelets all by yourself.

These entrepreneurial ladies call themselves the Fairies—and their jewelry clasp helpers Fairy Fasteners. The Bracelet Fairy acts like an extension of your hand as it holds the bracelet firmly in place so you can secure the clasp with your free hand. Its ergonomic shape is weighted and fits comfortably in your palm.

The Necklace Fairy is just as helpful. Clip it onto your necklace, and now the heart-shaped fastener acts like a
magnetic clasp that is much easier to open and close. Internal pins help keep it shut, but it re-opens with a twist.

Thanks to the fairies—and their tools—putting on your favorite jewelry is as easy as waving a wand.
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