Fairy Fastener

Bracelet and Necklace Starter Kit with Free Display Case of 24

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Easy closure

7/28/2016 by Aggie

Like the product, wish you had a few more designs, especially a simple design- so not to take away from the necklace your attaching it to.


Beautiful accent for necklaces.

7/19/2016 by Ellen

No more fidgeting trying to connect your necklace clasp. Wish the magnet was a little stronger.


Only for large lobster claw claps.

7/15/2016 by Michelle

Seems like a great product. Magnets are strong, both sides fit well together. Seems like it will stay together and not come apart when you don't want it to. I was so excited to try this. Unfortunately, I did not realize that you have to have a large lobster claw clasp to fit. My clasp is smaller and will not fit around the spot it's supposed to go. Very disappointed.


Like it, don't love it

12/25/2016 by Ann

So putting on my necklace is now much easier with the help of this product as I have limitations with dexterity. However, the fastener is so heavy that it pulls all my necklaces back so that they are like chokers. It is very annoying. This really only works if you have a pretty large pendant to counter balance the weight issue.


Not quite what was expected

12/1/2016 by Edith

They are Ok a little bigger than I thought. Not for a thindelicate chain


Love it, but needs repaired so soon

12/1/2016 by Chris

I absolutely love the quality of this item. It is very pretty and received compliments on it. The second time I wore it one of tiny the magnets came unglued and now needs to be repaired. Totally disappointed. I will take it to a jeweler and have it repaired professionally, because I really like the design and functionality. Just think a stronger glue needed to be used in the first place. Still love it, just dad I need it repaired so soon.



Happy Wife

10/5/2016 by Wheeler

We bought one to try, and we are very happy with the Fairy Fastener. We were motivated to order another one when we were told the Yellow Gold was no longer available. We asked to be placed on a waiting list and were again told we would not be placed on a waiting list. Frustration is really setting in now! We went directly to Fairy Fastener's website and found they had plenty of gold attachments and have placed an order through them.


Clasps to save time

9/20/2016 by Deneal

Well I find this little guy hard to open. It is very pretty and adds a nice appearance over a plain silver chain. But, separating it with fingernails can be a bit aggregating. My nails are not super long but have some length and it has taken forever to get them ALL the same length. I will keep working at it because I like it.


Perfect, until...

8/23/2016 by Paula

I love the fairy fasteners! In fact, I bought 3! Unfortunately, the one on the necklace I wear the most has lost its magnetism. It just opens and falls off. Any hints about how to fix it?

Paula Hoffman


Very small

7/18/2016 by Bonnie

I purchased for my elderly mother - but it is too small for her to use easily. I will use it myself - very beautiful.

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The Fairy Fastener Story

Put a bracelet on yourself—without swearing.

Bracelet Yourself

Triplets Terri, Rhonda, and Lou put their identical problem-solving heads together to solve an everyday issue—how to put on necklaces and bracelets all by yourself.

These entrepreneurial ladies call themselves the Fairies—and their jewelry clasp helpers Fairy Fasteners. The Bracelet Fairy acts like an extension of your hand as it holds the bracelet firmly in place so you can secure the clasp with your free hand. Its ergonomic shape is weighted and fits comfortably in your palm.

The Necklace Fairy is just as helpful. Clip it onto your necklace, and now the heart-shaped fastener acts like a
magnetic clasp that is much easier to open and close. Internal pins help keep it shut, but it re-opens with a twist.

Thanks to the fairies—and their tools—putting on your favorite jewelry is as easy as waving a wand.
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