Fairy Fastener

Magnetic Necklace Clasping Attachment Sample

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So helpful

10/19/2020 by Susan

All my necklaces now have these attached.


easy fasten

5/26/2020 by kim

I put it on a bracelet. Much easier to fasten.


A Great Purchase

5/23/2020 by Joyce

I had tried to find something like this but could not find something that was pretty. I have a necklace with a diamond pendant and could not open and close the clasp because it was so small. This solves the problem. I purchased two to use with another necklace if needed. I would definitely recommend this item. It is very pretty.


Wonderful invention

5/4/2020 by Ellen

A wonderful aid for getting jewelry clasped.



2/20/2020 by Lori

I bought the Fairy Fastener for my 86 year old Mom. She is a total jewelry girl but has difficulty fastening the typical clasps on necklaces. This has made it so easy for her to put her necklaces on and take them off by herself. It's so easy to attach to your necklace. I am going to buy a couple more for sure!


Great unusual gift

1/18/2020 by Eddie

I like unusual gifts and can always find them on Grommet ! This clasp is fine quality and price for a most unusual gift for yourself or others


Like an extra helper

1/7/2020 by Penny

With my Arthritis, I was unable to hook the clasp and thought I’d have give up wearing my necklaces.
Thank you for this product!!



12/28/2019 by Marilyn

Either necklace clasps have shrunk through the years....or my fingers don't work like they used to....this clasping attachment allows me to wear necklaces that I have not been able to wear in a long time. Thank You!


Safe and secure

12/18/2019 by Patricia

I have tried other magnetic closures and never felt as though my necklace was safely on my neck. This one looks solid so I gave it a try and I do feel like it has an excellent insecure magnet. I’ve been wearing my necklace now for a week taking clothes on and off and shower and it hasn’t budged. Will get another one in the gold soon


So easy to use

12/17/2019 by Laura

Loved it so much I’m giving them to friends and family.

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The Fairy Fastener Story

Put a bracelet on yourself—without swearing.

Bracelet Yourself

Triplets Terri, Rhonda, and Lou put their identical problem-solving heads together to solve an everyday issue—how to put on necklaces and bracelets all by yourself.

These entrepreneurial ladies call themselves the Fairies—and their jewelry clasp helpers Fairy Fasteners. The Bracelet Fairy acts like an extension of your hand as it holds the bracelet firmly in place so you can secure the clasp with your free hand. Its ergonomic shape is weighted and fits comfortably in your palm.

The Necklace Fairy is just as helpful. Clip it onto your necklace, and now the heart-shaped fastener acts like a
magnetic clasp that is much easier to open and close. Internal pins help keep it shut, but it re-opens with a twist.

Thanks to the fairies—and their tools—putting on your favorite jewelry is as easy as waving a wand.
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