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Felted Soap

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Love this unique way to display and use soap

11/21/2017 by Caroline

What a beautiful way to not only display soap in a bathroom but to also use it . The colors in the felt covering look like a small piece of art and then to smell this homemade soap seems like “the icing on the cake.”
I have just redorated a bathroom and this felted soap ball added a great color splash.
Also....each year I search for unique Christmas stocking stuffers for my adult children...this year one of these is going in each of the stockings. Love, love the quality and entire concept behind it.


Best gift ever

11/15/2017 by Barbara

I have sent this to many family and friends and they are thrilled about it. I love the lemon verbena the best.


Makes a wonderful gift.

7/13/2017 by Laura

Makes a wonderful gift. All my family and friends just love them.


Felted Soaps

5/25/2017 by Laura

I gave these to my Mom for Mother's Day - she couldn't quite figure out what they were until she read the insert. I try to find unique items for her "special days". She LOVED them!! She loved the smells (I got three) and the concept. This purchase was a WINNER!


Great hostess gift

5/15/2017 by Cindy

I love these little felted soaps! They are super cute gifts and smell delicious!


Felted soap

5/3/2017 by Sheila

I bought these Fiat Luxe soaps for gifts. Of course, I saved one for myself. They are so wonderful to bathe with. They are exfoliating without being too rough. All of the fragrances I bought were great. The company says that when the internal soap is all used, a slit can be made in the felt to insert your own soap. Wonderful product and I will be ordering more.


Love it

2/22/2017 by Melissa

These are amazing. The smell is intoxicating.


Great Gift

12/20/2016 by Elizabeth

I gave all these as gifts which will be opened on Christmas. I will be anxious to see what my friends think of these!! They were absolutely beautiful, and the lavender scent was delicious! Each one was one-of-a-kind.


felted soap feels wonderful, smells great!

12/19/2016 by Mary

The wool is colorful, soft, and provides just the right amount of friction to make the soap do its job. Smells great, as well. A big hit as teacher gifts, too!


Fiat Luxe Felted SoapBest soap ever. Can't wait to purchase more Best soap ever. Can't wait to purchase more

12/18/2016 by Dyan

Best soap ever!!!! Can't wait to purchase more. Please hurry up and stock up more so I can buy more.

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The Fiat Luxe Story

Fiat Luxe - Felted Soap

Luxury Lather

Soap is not exactly a new invention. But felted soap—now that’s something you’ve probably never heard of before.

Like a soap and washcloth all in one, Fiat Luxe is wrapped in colorful wool felt for a lovely marbled look and gentle exfoliating feel. The soap is handmade in the USA using only natural ingredients and generously scented with botanically derived essential oils for a lovely aroma from the first wash to the last. The soft wool felt is domestically sourced and has naturally occurring anti-fungal properties.

The felt shrinks along with the soap as you use it and will retain its
freshness as long as you give it a quick squeeze to remove excess water. Once the soap inside is gone, you can make a small slit in the felt and re-stuff it with odds and ends from other bars.

Nancy Rosenthal of Santa Rosa, California came up with the idea for Fiat Luxe while making soap as a gift for family and friends. In the process of cutting the soap, she found herself with leftovers of different shapes and sizes. Never one to waste, Nancy formed the remaining pieces into patties and encased them in felt.

A fragrant addition to any bath, decorative basket, or potpourri sachet, Fiat Luxe is a beautiful new way to soap up.
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