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Finders Key Purse®

Key Purse Hanger

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great product

7/15/2019 by RJ

I bought this for a friend who is constantly digging around in her purse for her keys. She loved it!


Very handy

7/9/2019 by Laurie

I have one of these already and got a couple as stocking stuffers. I love having my keys available and attractive as well. You will be glad you got one.


Pretty hanger

7/1/2019 by Karen

Complementary addition to the outside of any purse. Great way to find keys easily


Fabulous item!

6/28/2019 by Barbara

I absolutely love my Key Purse Hanger! My car has a fob not a key, therefore, I don't have my house keys in hand to open the house door. I was constantly scrabbling around in the bottom of my purse to find my keys. This wonderful item solves the problem, I simply hang the heart on the edge of my purse at the beginning of the zipper. When I need my keys I just open the zipper a little, grasp the heart, pull it up, and presto my house keys appear. After the door is open, I just drop the keys and Key Purse Holder into my purse with the heart hangng out, ready to use again. Quick & simple.


Great idea

6/28/2019 by Kathy

I really like my key purse holder. Now I don't have to fumble in my purse looking for my keys.


Why haven't I had one of these my whole life?

6/27/2019 by Nina

I was forever trying to make sure I put my keys in a particular spot so I could easily find them. Such a pain. Since I have had this key purse hanger, it is so easy to simply hang my keys inside my purse and know exactly where they are when I need them.


Very convenient

6/27/2019 by Stephanie

I purchased a few similar items some time ago and have used them in all of my purses. The ones I have are “fun” ones i.e. painted flip flops, parrot, pineapple, straw hat, etc.. I purchased the flower; it’s definitely more elegant than my others.
These hooks keep your keys at the ready so you don’t need to dig in the bottom of your bag.


Just what I neeeded

6/26/2019 by MYRNA

No longer have to dig in the bottom of my bag to find my keys!


Handy purse hanger for keys

6/26/2019 by Whitney

Made keeping up and finding my keys so much easier. Also bought one for my daughter!


My favorite Grommet purchase!

6/26/2019 by Marla

No matter what I did, my keys always migrated to the darkest part of my purse, making me take almost everything out just to find them. Since I bought this, I never have that problem! The “hook” stays on the outside of any purse I use, and my keys are always handy!

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The Finders Key Purse® Story

Finders Key Purse | Key Purse Hanger

Key Hanger

Finders Key Purse Maker Sandy Stein received the answer to the eternal question “Where are my keys?” in a dream. She was determined to see it come true, so she devoted herself to creating the simple-but-smart accessory that eliminates digging around in your bag for keys.

Keys live on the hook and the hook sits on a handbag in a perfectly easy-to-reach spot. While keys hang inside, a design faces outward, adding a little accent to a bag. Going bag-free? It can work on a pocket or belt, too.