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Finders Key Purse®

Key Purse Hanger

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Gorgeous, sturdy and surprisingly handy!

11/6/2019 by JenChemist

I first saw these purse hangers and I thought it was silly. Then I stood and watched my friend literally dig in her large purse for her keys for 10 minutes before she found them, and I realized that this would solve her problem! Genius. Plus, it's great if your keychain is large and your designer jeans pockets are small: you can hook your keychain into the pockets (your keys hang on the outside) and yay, the keys stay put (especially important on sports fields).
These are very well made and sturdy, hold even my heavy set of metal keys. So nice I ordered the other designs as gifts! The silver flower is the one I kept, and I am pleased to say that the flower itself is just as sturdy as the metal wire, no petals have bent, seriously made tough. Not too heavy, but made to last. Thanks, Grommet!



11/6/2019 by Janie

Luv it


No more digging for keys

11/4/2019 by Shirley

These are great. I’ll purchase more for gifts


Convenient and pretty

11/3/2019 by Pat

Get way to keep your keys handy. Both I and my daughter in law love these.


Lost keys?

11/2/2019 by Elizabeth

You’ Always have your keys handy.


No more searching!

11/2/2019 by Esther

Don’t have to search for keys in my purse or work bag. Bough several for Christmas gifts



11/2/2019 by Nancy

Such a simple idea, but saves me so much time! No more rummaging around in the bottomless pit of my bag! I love it so much I bought it for friends as Christmas gifts.


I love these!

11/1/2019 by Dorothy

Purse key hangers are the coolest thing invented! Everyone who carries a purse of any size should have one! For some reason they’re really hard to find. My keys are so easy to clip onto the hanger, and never again do I have to frantically grope for them while they’re hiding down in some dark corner of my purse! The designs here are lovely, since this is what shows on the outside of the purse. I bought several to give as gifts too. They’re beautiful and very well made.


Great little stocking stuffer

10/31/2019 by Kathy

What girl doesn't need to be able to quickly find her keys? This gadget keeps them at the top of your purse or conveniently stashed in an inside pocket. Win!


great idea

10/31/2019 by Walter

Got this for my wife who looses her keys in her purse.
Now she doesn't

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The Finders Key Purse® Story

Finders Key Purse | Key Purse Hanger

Key Hanger

Finders Key Purse Maker Sandy Stein received the answer to the eternal question “Where are my keys?” in a dream. She was determined to see it come true, so she devoted herself to creating the simple-but-smart accessory that eliminates digging around in your bag for keys.

Keys live on the hook and the hook sits on a handbag in a perfectly easy-to-reach spot. While keys hang inside, a design faces outward, adding a little accent to a bag. Going bag-free? It can work on a pocket or belt, too.