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Works great

7/20/2020 by waiel

Keeps the fire under control !


Worth the purchase

12/20/2019 by Bette

We are on our second fire mizer and it's the best thing you can buy for your fireplace. I have also purchased these for other people to rave reviews.


UPDATE - BUY with confidence

6/28/2019 by Todd

My previous review from 11/27/15 was worried about life expectancy. Well in 2019 I still have the original mat. It is still fully functional. It works phenomenally! After you have built your fire and have good bed of coals on the mat, you can basically put any type of wood in and it will burn. Even the next AM you can throw some small logs on and restart the fire! The coals are going to still be there! All you have to do is not poke the mat with your fire poker, clean it out periodically, and enjoy your roaring hot fires!


Great Product!!

2/15/2019 by Sue

The firemizer REALLY works. Not only does the fire burn longer, there is little to clean up. I use firestarters NOT newspaper so all that's left is a fine ash. I always keep one in the fireplace and one in stock. A MUST have for those who use their fireplaces on a regular basis.


Works great!

2/13/2019 by Amy

And lasts forever!


Will Save Wood

1/5/2019 by Jo

We were given a firemizer last year for Christmas. We liked it so much, found out where our friend bought it and again are enjoying wood saving with our Firemizer.


i never write reviews

12/18/2018 by jackie

I have to say had VERY LOW expectations.... I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely made our fire last longer. So far so so good


This is my second time purchase

10/19/2018 by Connie

I was so impressed the first time I bought this that when the old one was ready to be replaced I purchased it again. I have an old 1830's coal parlor stove. With this in the bottom I can burn wood and it lasts twice as long. Great product.


Great for fire and clean-up

7/25/2018 by Derek

Works great! Love it!


Does exactly what is advertised!

6/10/2018 by Connie

Purchased a second one for my son in laws birthday. He loved the first one, and used it every day, all winter long. Since he has everything he needs, decided to just give him another one to have ready whenever he needs it!!

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The Firemizer Story

Same amount of wood. Longer-lasting fire.

Fires Burn Better

If you heat your home with a wood burning stove or insert—or even if you just enjoy your fireplace or fire pit from time to time—a Firemizer should be on the bottom of it. Your wood will last up to 33% percent longer.

Firemizer is a reusable mat made of stainless steel mesh. It spreads heat more evenly and burns even the smallest pieces of fuel down to ash that you just brush away between fires. The amount of fuel you use—and the amount of creosote in your chimney—are reduced, and burn time is increased by up to one-third.

Wherever you use the Firemizer, trim it to fit using a standard wire
cutter. Wear gloves when you handle it, though, to avoid steel splinters. Then enjoy a more efficiently burning fire that won’t burn through your heating budget. Read More Read Less