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Fire Optimizer Case of 18

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Not for me.

7/25/2018 by Wendy

Sorry, but this didn’t work well for me. Very messy and very hard to handle too.


Christmas gift

1/15/2017 by Scott

Gave this a Christmas gift to my parents who have a wood burning fireplace. It seemed like a good idea in concept but it needed up being difficult to shake the ash out and then it broke in half after 3 uses. I will be checking about a replacement and see if I just got defective piece.


Works great, but not with blower unit

1/14/2017 by Anne

I have a blower unit that relies on the heat from the fire radiating down from the crib in which the logs sit. The Firemizer effectively keeps the heat from descending, so I removed it and gave it to a relative with a traditional fireplace. He loves it, and it does everything it says it will do.


Can't decide

12/14/2016 by Michael

Put it in.....burned as much wood or more than before ....and the heat output wasn't quite as warm as without. The good thing was the amount of ash....burned six fires before having to clean out the fireplace. Like I said can't decide if it's worth the money.


Too costly

12/1/2015 by Donna

I really wanted to get this as a gift for someone, but after reading all the reviews here and elsewhere, I can't justify the price for such a short time use. Hate to say it, but it's way too expensive.


Does the job

11/18/2015 by Dee

Just started using the Firemizer and it seems to doing what they say it's suppose to do. A little disappointing that it only lasts 6 weeks. So I will not buy another one, it's not worth the cost and shipping. I would have given it 5 stars if it lasted longer, say through the winter.


doesn't work for our stove

12/2/2017 by fidelmafan

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present and gave it early as we had non-stop wind for days. But our little stove is very little and has no grate. This firemizer mized so much he couldn't get the fire burning hot enough to prevent creosote.


Pretty small and flimsy

12/2/2015 by randy

Good concept but only last a few weeks



11/24/2015 by Katrinka

It worked pretty well for about two weeks. By then it was shredded. Too delicate to put logs on. Waste of money. If it was made of thicker fibre, and/or thicker in general, I might consider purchasing again, if the price didn't go up.


Small Print

11/20/2015 by william

Nice idea but with only lasting 6weeks at Almost 30 dollars Not something I would purchase .A little disappointed that the details fail to list the life of the unit only on the packaging do you see the usage

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The Firemizer Story

Same amount of wood. Longer-lasting fire.

Fires Burn Better

If you heat your home with a wood burning stove or insert—or even if you just enjoy your fireplace or fire pit from time to time—a Firemizer should be on the bottom of it. Your wood will last up to 33% percent longer.

Firemizer is a reusable mat made of stainless steel mesh. It spreads heat more evenly and burns even the smallest pieces of fuel down to ash that you just brush away between fires. The amount of fuel you use—and the amount of creosote in your chimney—are reduced, and burn time is increased by up to one-third.

Wherever you use the Firemizer, trim it to fit using a standard wire
cutter. Wear gloves when you handle it, though, to avoid steel splinters. Then enjoy a more efficiently burning fire that won’t burn through your heating budget. Read More Read Less