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Super Fire

1/24/2017 by Linda

Never had a more beautiful fire. Wood burns long and hot.


I am a Believer in the Mizer!

1/10/2017 by Suzanne

I ordered 2 of these for Christmas presents. Well actually 3 because my dog ate part of one when UPS delivered it so I had to reorder 1. Added bonus - on top of it being an amazing product it isn't harmful to your pets digestive system. Back on topic.... I ordered 1 for our house and 1 for my parents house. In both cases we always had a difficult time getting a fire started and keeping it going due to how the fire place draws and the height of the fire grate. Once we installed this baby all I can say is PROBLEM SOLVED. Fires start easily and stay burning with less wood and less care. It truly takes enjoying our fireplace to the highest level. I have recommended this to serveral friends and family.


What sorcery is this?

11/30/2016 by candice

We received the firemizer yesterday and used it for the first time this evening. We use a cast iron wood stove as a primary source of heat (since oil prices skyrocketed in chilly New England.) Today we have used less than half of the wood we normally go through to keep the house toasty warm and there is virtually no ash whatsoever! I regret not buying this sooner. If you heat with wood that you pay for, this product will pay for itself the first day!. I won't recommend this to a friend; I am buying one for everyone I know with a fireplace!


Worth every penny

11/28/2016 by Liz

We can burn a fire all day in our fireplace and use less than half of the wood we normally would without the mat. We have a gas log starter that has a flame under the grate. I read that it would work through the mat but we didn't find that to be the case. We ended up cutting a slit in the mat to allow the flames to come up through the slit. the wood burns completely to a fine powder. They are correct in pointing out that you MUST wear leather gloves when you handle the mat and I would cut it over the garbage can - not the hearth. The little pieces that break off are like needles. We are ordering another one to have on hand because we don't ever want to be without this product.


Many more fires to enjoy!!

11/24/2016 by Laura

The Firemizer works great for longer, cleaner burning fires. We can start a nice big fire and not have to mess with it for a long time! It burns lower and slower than the fires we've had in the past and we enjoy that since it saves a great deal on our wood consumption. When it's time to clean beneath the grate, there is VERY little ash. The wood truly burns down to a fine, powdery ash. It's pretty easy to get your poker stuck in the fabric if you don't watch for it, and building the fire is a little different since everything goes on TOP of the grate (and the Firemiser mat), but it takes one or two fires and you're used to it. So glad we bought this at the beginning of our season!!


Innovative product

11/14/2016 by amfyr

Firemizer is like a sheet of steel wool which you place
in the grate/stand of your fireplace. After using it a few times it does seem to extend the burn life of your firewood.
The only negative I see is shifting the wood around can be
hindered slightly and your fire tools can get caught as the sheet is not solid, its more like fabric.


Great product! Buying a second one!

2/6/2016 by Elisse

Very pleased with this in our wood-burning fireplace, and so I'm buying a second one for our pellet stove. It does make the wood we have last longer, and that it reduces creosote in the chimney is a BIG plus.


Love it!

1/20/2016 by Mindy

This works great! My only challenge was trying to figure out the best way to clean the ash out as most of it stays on top of the firemizer. Gently scraping it off to the bottom of the fireplace seems to be the least messy for me!! It is definitely worth the investment.


Love it!

1/8/2016 by Cynthia

Absolutely love this product. Because no big hunks fall through the grate the wood burns completely and leaves only a small amount of fine ash. Cleanup is a breeze! We put the rolled up paper balls to start the fire right on the firemizer so all the heat and flame is directly on the wood. Fire starts fast and lasts a long time.



12/30/2015 by B J

It works very well. The logs last and burn longer. The mesh keeps the coals with the logs. It is a complete burn.

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The Firemizer Story

Same amount of wood. Longer-lasting fire.

Fires Burn Better

If you heat your home with a wood burning stove or insert—or even if you just enjoy your fireplace or fire pit from time to time—a Firemizer should be on the bottom of it. Your wood will last up to 33% percent longer.

Firemizer is a reusable mat made of stainless steel mesh. It spreads heat more evenly and burns even the smallest pieces of fuel down to ash that you just brush away between fires. The amount of fuel you use—and the amount of creosote in your chimney—are reduced, and burn time is increased by up to one-third.

Wherever you use the Firemizer, trim it to fit using a standard wire
cutter. Wear gloves when you handle it, though, to avoid steel splinters. Then enjoy a more efficiently burning fire that won’t burn through your heating budget. Read More Read Less