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12/23/2015 by Kim

I bought one for myself and fires have never been easier! It really works as advertised. I love it so much I got several as gifts. If you love fires this is a must have!



12/16/2015 by diane

This was a gift for my daughter, and she loved it. Works great and I'm very glad I ordered this product.



12/13/2015 by ted

I read other reviews and I disagree about it only lasting a few weeks - We burn every day and it lasted us at least a few months - makes clean up so much easier. We are now going to buy our second one - We are burning less wood. Definitely a good buy!!


Very pleased!

12/4/2015 by Linda

This is an outstanding product. Our fire burns longer and more evenly. One sheet can be cut into three pieces for our fireplace, which is terrific, and unexpected. Our fireplace seems to stay cleaner and require less sweeping, as well. Bravo!


Works as advertised

11/27/2015 by Todd

Works exactly as advertised. In the tree fires I have burned so far, I have reduce my wood consumption drastically. That is because it is burning every piece of the wood. My ash pile is significantly reduced! Conversely, I am not pleased with the "life expectancy" of the product. I feel for the price paid, one should receive two of the matts. That probably would get you through winter. That would make the price more acceptable. If you burn fires for fun and heat - BUY IT! It is simple and it WORKS!


Best for your fireplace or wood stove!

11/25/2015 by Louis

Really does work as advertised! Our fires burn warmer & longer. Easy to cut to fit and great use to hold the ash to dispose of with VERY little effort. I strongly recommend this to very one with a fireplace or wood stove!


Exactly as advertised

11/25/2015 by David

This functions exactly as advertised. An evening fire in the den previously burned 5-6 oak logs, now it's about 3-4. And you get a complete burn. Easy to shake out to reload for the next fire.


Good buy

11/23/2015 by Janice

It definitely helps burn all the wood. I would mention that I use a gas starter and the flames have a harder time reaching the wood on the other side of the Firemizer. Not really a drawback, just an FYI.



11/18/2015 by Lorraine

Works great... keep the fire burning longer and hotter. Well worth the money!



11/18/2015 by Patricia

I really like this product because it's an easy clean up after the fire has burnt out. I just empty it in my garage can, shake it out and it's ready to use again.

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The Firemizer Story

Same amount of wood. Longer-lasting fire.

Fires Burn Better

If you heat your home with a wood burning stove or insert—or even if you just enjoy your fireplace or fire pit from time to time—a Firemizer should be on the bottom of it. Your wood will last up to 33% percent longer.

Firemizer is a reusable mat made of stainless steel mesh. It spreads heat more evenly and burns even the smallest pieces of fuel down to ash that you just brush away between fires. The amount of fuel you use—and the amount of creosote in your chimney—are reduced, and burn time is increased by up to one-third.

Wherever you use the Firemizer, trim it to fit using a standard wire
cutter. Wear gloves when you handle it, though, to avoid steel splinters. Then enjoy a more efficiently burning fire that won’t burn through your heating budget. Read More Read Less