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Works like a charm

11/18/2015 by ted

The Firemizer works exactly as promised - The ash under the grate is very fine - the cleanup is easy. We love this product. Definitely will buy this product again!!!


A wonderful product!

11/17/2015 by Renee

I never write reviews about the products that I purchase, but I felt that I had to with this item. This works great! We have always had trouble getting a good fire started and keeping it burning in our fireplace. With this product, we not only have great fires that are easy to start and easy to keep burning, but we also have the wood completely burned with nothing left but fine ash.


Happy with the Firemizer

1/14/2017 by Terri

We are pleased with our purchase of the firemizer.
It does what it says.


Does what it says it will do

12/8/2016 by Steven

Often, puffing by a company leads the consumer to buy a new fangled product. This was no different, except now I can honestly say it works as advertised. The wood embers stay burning longer, the fireplace itself remains cleaner. More importantly, the fireplace remains easy to clean. I've only had this for less than a month now, so I cannot state how long it will last, which is why only 4 out of 5. But, this product does what it says it will do and we are ordering for friends as part of their gifts. Good job.



11/16/2016 by Howie

It does much of what they claim. I have to see how long it lasts though


Gift to daughter

1/5/2016 by Dana

Gave this as a gift to my daughter who heats with a wood stove. She has just started using the Optimizer and thinks it does help the wood burn longer.


Some clarification needed

12/28/2015 by Walter

This was a Christmas gift, so I don't know if it "works" or not. However, when I purchased it, I was under the impression that it lasted forever (for lack of a better term) and that, in fact, it only lasts for a limited number of fires. This should be clarified. It is not so inexpensive that one would want to buy several to last a winter—if you really use your fireplace in cold weather.


Not for gas starters

11/30/2015 by Barrett

If you have a gas starter in your wood burning fireplace, this product might give you trouble. You need to create gaps through the metal pad so that the gas flames can go through it. I did not do so at first, and the metal pad diffused the gas flames and thus rendered the gas starter useless. Overall, I can see that this product does in fact create very fine ashes, it is not worth the hassle of using it in my fireplace that has a gas starter.


So sorry!

11/18/2015 by Marie

Seems to be an excellent idea. However, I had to return it because we do not have a grate in our woodstove.



11/18/2015 by Laurie

Definitely burns all the wood with little left over - our fires are more efficient!
It does require to be cleaned more frequently than burning wood without the Firemizer.
I will be recommending it to friends and family.

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The Firemizer Story

Same amount of wood. Longer-lasting fire.

Fires Burn Better

If you heat your home with a wood burning stove or insert—or even if you just enjoy your fireplace or fire pit from time to time—a Firemizer should be on the bottom of it. Your wood will last up to 33% percent longer.

Firemizer is a reusable mat made of stainless steel mesh. It spreads heat more evenly and burns even the smallest pieces of fuel down to ash that you just brush away between fires. The amount of fuel you use—and the amount of creosote in your chimney—are reduced, and burn time is increased by up to one-third.

Wherever you use the Firemizer, trim it to fit using a standard wire
cutter. Wear gloves when you handle it, though, to avoid steel splinters. Then enjoy a more efficiently burning fire that won’t burn through your heating budget. Read More Read Less