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Pop-Up Pit

Mark Wolf is the fire-savvy brains behind Fireside Outdoor, the easy, go-anywhere fire pit that’s enhanced with extra safety measures. He’s also the Maker of Campfire Defender, a so-smart fire protection cover. Boy Scouts let Mark know they were fans and asked him to come up with a nothing-left-behind fire solution next.

His portable, packable fire pit is made with the same blend of safety-first and ease-of-use approach. The lightweight aluminum frame assembles into a roomy pit in about a minute. Its optional heat shield prevents a fire from heating the ground beneath it, which makes it safe
to use on grass, a patio, or just about anywhere outside. A fire mesh in the pit prevents ash from falling through and also allows for better airflow, so a fire will be less smoky and burn more efficiently. The pit meets all federal, state, and local fire regulations and is U.S. Forest Compliant, so it’s good to go just about anywhere you feel up to taking it. Read More Read Less