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Beautiful but broken

12/11/2018 by John

Beautifully painted candles, but two of the five I ordered were broken. Not packed well enough for the trip here. Disappointed because replacing them meant missing the event I purchased them for. Return and reimbursement went very smoothly.


Smaller than expected

12/5/2018 by marttie

Very very pretty but much smaller than I expected for the money.


I like the look, but it was cheaply made.

11/28/2018 by Laura

Not sure it was worth the money. I was going to give as a gift, but am not sure now.


Careless shipping

10/26/2018 by Kelly

The candles are very lovely, but I purchased 10 of various designs and they were shipped with no protective packaging. As a result, on at least two, the raised surfaces of the flowers were beat up and splattered over the white of the candle. And on 3 or 4 others, some of the paint of the designs stuck to the product packaging and/or the decorative raised surfaces were somewhat flattened. It's a shame that so little are was taken with the shipping. Rather than stacking them on top of one another, wrapping each in tissue paper or surrounding them with with packing peanuts or bubble wrap would likely have prevented this type of damage. I'd give the candles a 5 but the shipping a 1, so I'll leave the rating at 3. Disappointing. and not what I expected based on other good experiences with Grommet purchases.


Nest design but much smaller than expected

9/4/2018 by Pennie

This is very dainty.
Pretťy designs, but very small.


Very pretty

3/3/2018 by Sue Devers

The candle is very pretty and the idea is cool but it just doesn't work too well. The ad claimed it didn't drip but it has drips all over and it isn't steady! The slightest jiggle and it falls over. Fix those and it would be great. I do love the art work on the front.


Have not used yet-- will be giving as a gift!

11/28/2017 by Frances

I was however, a little disappointed in the size of the candles I ordered. They are considerably smaller than I had anticipated.


Smaller than I thought

11/27/2017 by Julie

It is a cute candle, but I wish I had checked the dimensions! It is very short, so keep that in mind. I bought it as a gift for a hard to buy person. I know she will like it. Would not have paid that much of it were for myself.


Only 3-4 hours?

11/6/2017 by Nancy

I was going to buy one of these until I read that it seems to last only 3-4 hours. That's it? That's not even enough time to stay lit if there are dinner guests.


Pretty but small

10/9/2017 by Helen

Was disappointed in the size for the money. Bought as Christmas gifts but not sure I will give now. The flowers were very pretty.

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The Flatyz Story

What’s hot and skinny? This candle.

Lean Light

Hand-painted in Lithuania, Flatyz candles stand out in their minimalism. Unlike other candles, these are unconventionally flat. This gives them a clean, modern look that is complimented by a sleek steel base and snuffer.

The candles not only look clean, they burn cleaner, too. The twin wicks burn evenly and self-extinguish as they near the base, so there’s no dripping wax or smoke.

Whether you’re setting the scene for a holiday or adding a decorative touch to your space, the handmade candles are an eye-catching new way to get that festive glow.