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7/20/2020 by GranLV

These candles are wonderful for gift giving...especially since they burn so clean (no drips), and they make an attractive display! Everyone enjoyed receiving them as gifts!


Prettiest Candle Ever

5/30/2020 by Teri

This candle is so elegant! I love the textures of branch berries. This candle would make an excellent hostess gift.


Simple and beautiful

5/5/2020 by Leah

Perfect for the Christmas stockings or a small gift!
Doesn’t last that long as burns to quickly, but looks great as a decorative piece.


Great little candle

1/19/2020 by Gwen

I purchased several of these for presents, and they are very attractive.


love it

1/8/2020 by Patricia

Have not burned it & probably won't, it is much to pretty to burn it down to the base. It makes a lovely decoration.



1/3/2020 by Esther

Fun and unique!!


So Unique

1/3/2020 by Jorene

Ordered as a got. My sister loved it. She is very hard to buy for but this was very well received!


LOVE LOVE LOVE. These cute little candles

1/1/2020 by Julia

I’ve never been one for burning candles ‘cause I’m a cults and afraid of burning the house down. But, these are adorable and made wonderful hostess gifts during the holidays.



1/1/2020 by Judith

I purchased 5 of these, different designs, as Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them! They are unique and beautiful, and were a big hit with all the recipients.


Unusual and beautiful

12/30/2019 by Carol

The delicate painting are a gorgeous addition to any table or decorative display.

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The Flatyz Story

What’s hot and skinny? This candle.

Lean Light

Hand-painted in Lithuania, Flatyz candles stand out in their minimalism. Unlike other candles, these are unconventionally flat. This gives them a clean, modern look that is complimented by a sleek steel base and snuffer.

The candles not only look clean, they burn cleaner, too. The twin wicks burn evenly and self-extinguish as they near the base, so there’s no dripping wax or smoke.

Whether you’re setting the scene for a holiday or adding a decorative touch to your space, the handmade candles are an eye-catching new way to get that festive glow.