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Handmade Holiday Flat Candle Case of 7

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Attractive, festive, messy

7/25/2018 by Jo

Appearance is lovely, in the right setting. Melting was messy, running off the holder and onto the table.


Beautiful as an art piece only

5/19/2018 by Anita

Drips profusely. Best as a counter art piece .


Not worth the money

1/3/2018 by Janine

I purchased 4 of these for Christmas gifts. Kept one for myself. Very disappointed with this candle. They looked good one the web cite but for $11.95, they are not worth the money! The wax is so thin, do not burn very long & the base is made poorly! They are maybe worth $3.00 each, not &$11.75!
I was going to return them but such a pain to do so I just kept them.


Gave as gift.

12/28/2017 by Tara M

This candle is a lot smaller than I thought. I guess I didn't read the description thoroughly. I bought it for a gift and was very disappointed.


Not too happy

12/12/2017 by Megan

I was not happy with the quality of these candles. First I thought they were broken, then I discovered that the birds had been "pasted in", and it was very apparent. I am giving 2 of them as gifts, but wish I had better quality craftsmanship to give. Luckily the recipients are close and I can explain that I didn't think I would get anything better if I reordered.


Pretty, but...

10/31/2017 by Lucy

These candles are very pretty but I apparently didn't read the description very well. These are REALLY small. I guess I expected more of a center piece-sized candle. I'll still use them, just not sure where.


Quality not what I expected....

10/12/2017 by Angie

So disappointing! The birds on my candle appear to have been painted on a separate piece of wax and then added onto the candle. Looks awful!


Cheap Looking

12/1/2019 by Anne

I bought 3 for gifts and was too embarrassed to give them. the candles are small and thin, very cheap looking. I am sure the receivers would have thought I'd shopped at the $ store.


value not commensurate with cost

11/19/2019 by Barbara

base is cheap and flimsy. they were not shipped securely and a lot of them were broken. The non-broken ones had creases in them to make the hand painted design look like a cheap overlay. they dont' burn 3-4 hours nor does it burn as shown in photo.


holiday candle with cracks

11/19/2019 by Ellen

i greatly anticipated the arrival of my holiday candle. i was going to give this as a gift to a friend. i am very disappointed with it. it arrived with big cracks in the candle making it impossible to give to another as a gift. i would not recommend this seller or this item to anyone.

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The Flatyz Story

What’s hot and skinny? This candle.

Lean Light

Hand-painted in Lithuania, Flatyz candles stand out in their minimalism. Unlike other candles, these are unconventionally flat. This gives them a clean, modern look that is complimented by a sleek steel base and snuffer.

The candles not only look clean, they burn cleaner, too. The twin wicks burn evenly and self-extinguish as they near the base, so there’s no dripping wax or smoke.

Whether you’re setting the scene for a holiday or adding a decorative touch to your space, the handmade candles are an eye-catching new way to get that festive glow.