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Great Gift!

10/9/2017 by Joyce

This is so different! They are pretty and I bought a few to give as gifts!!


Light up my life

10/9/2017 by Mary

Beautiful! Unusual! Highly recommended!!


Love it

9/28/2017 by Janis

Very pretty and unique.


very cool!

9/18/2017 by kathleen l

I love this! but boy, it would be really pretty if it were larger.


Nee to order more

9/18/2017 by JAMES

Well... so much better than I expected... Very wonderful.


I love these, but . . .

7/5/2020 by Debbie

Unfortunately, my candle arrived soft and warped due to heat. Perhaps consider shipping only when elements do not impact the product. Aside from that, I love these!


Lovely but...

5/17/2020 by Jan

I love this item but expected it to rest more securely in the base. It won't fall out or over but I'll have to be careful to be sure it doesn't touch anything with the leaning backwards - or forwards I suppose. The candle itself is lovely and a thin candle like this is such an innovative, useful opportunity to put decor in an unexpected place.


Can't get enough of these!

11/22/2019 by John

Very excited these beautifully designed and individually painted candles are back. They sold out last year. Like others, I've had breakage problems, as they ship in padded envelopes. Bad choice for them, but they have twice replaced broken ones without hesitation. I've figured out if I buy 8, or more at a time, they box them and no breakage. 5 was still enveloped. With the new designs this year, I'm happy to buy more. Being small was never a surprise, as the dimensions are in the description. Their size is one of the things I like about them. One thing, though, on both Winter Bird candles just received, it looked like the birds were painted over something , almost like a coverup. All the others were great. I hope this is not a reflection of success leading to less quality Even so, very glad I can give them as gifts again this year! .


Unique and elegant gift

11/1/2019 by Margo

Description is true to product. Colors are very nice and I love the selection offered. I only wish they were a bit thicker.


Nice unique cancle

10/19/2019 by Donna

They are a nice little gift. They are smaller than I realized but very pretty.

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The Flatyz Story

What’s hot and skinny? This candle.

Lean Light

Hand-painted in Lithuania, Flatyz candles stand out in their minimalism. Unlike other candles, these are unconventionally flat. This gives them a clean, modern look that is complimented by a sleek steel base and snuffer.

The candles not only look clean, they burn cleaner, too. The twin wicks burn evenly and self-extinguish as they near the base, so there’s no dripping wax or smoke.

Whether you’re setting the scene for a holiday or adding a decorative touch to your space, the handmade candles are an eye-catching new way to get that festive glow.