Rock And Roll It

Flexible Roll-Up Starter Piano Case of 6

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Sweet gift for niece with autism

6/27/2019 by Megan

Our brilliant niece is a very busy girl. Always in motion. This flexible piano goes where she goes. Perfect for her AND for her parents.


Kids love this

6/26/2019 by Elizabeth

Decent sound too!



2/28/2019 by Joy

We love this keyboard. Very supportive for a young learner. A complete keyboard would be even better!


Sounds Real!

2/15/2019 by Debra

This is an awesome gift for all ages! Really sounds like a piano. Nice and compact when rolled up. The adults were fighting over who got to play with it next at Christmas, and it was my 10-year-old Grandson's gift, hahahaha.


Very nice item.

2/14/2019 by Bunny

Gave it to a four-year-old and she loves it. It's rated for six and up. You should maybe reconsider that.


Good product

2/13/2019 by Ruth

My grandson & granddaughter are enjoying this piano. My son, who is a musician, has remarked on its excellent sound quality.


lots of fun

1/27/2019 by Debbie

I gave this to my 8 years old grand daughter and we are all enjoying it. It's easy to store and is a great starter piano. Sound is very good.


What a surprise!

12/17/2018 by Margaret

Was a big surprise to hear the beautiful sounds from this instrument. I bought for someone else, but need to order another since I am keeping it for my own entertainment. You’ve outdone yourself with this idea...portable was a genius Idea.



7/30/2018 by Nella

Enjoy playing when composing!


Great for keyboard lovers

5/15/2018 by Judith

These always seem to be marketed to kids but they are great for anyone who likes a keyboard and can't fit a piano in their suircase.

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The Rock And Roll It Story

Can your piano bend like this?

Unroll to Play

Rock And Roll It inventor Zvika Givli wanted to make sure his daughter could practice piano beyond the confines of their living room. So he invented a small one she could unroll to play while camping and traveling. He's since expanded to other fun, flexible instruments and even created tiny ones to take along.